August 31, 2016

Arrived On My Doorstep - August 2016

Here is the August installment of "Arrived On My Doorstep".  I hope you see some lovely new to market items that tickle your fancy x

August 29, 2016

Ocean Books & Allen's Sea Stretchies

Spring is just around the corner which means our little beach babes have started dreaming of summer holidays and  planning out our coastal adventures.  Last weekend they took over our playroom with their teepee, all their favourite beach books plus a little Allen’s ocean themed treat to plot and plan out about our summer adventures.  Check out the cozy nook they created!

August 16, 2016

Hawaii - Things To Do

So, you've finally booked your flights and accommodation to Hawaii?  Now it's time to start planning your stay!  There is so much to see and do that whether this is your first or tenth time visiting Oahu, whether you're staying for five days or three weeks, you won't even scratch the surface of things to do and see on Oahu.  My husband and I put together a list of what we think are must do activities when visiting Oahu.

August 9, 2016

The Food Show 2016

The Food Show is an event I look forward to every year.  I was grateful to attend the preview day again this year and meet so many passionate New Zealand foodies making such amazing and innovative products.  

August 4, 2016

Hawaii - Waikele Premium Outlets

One of the first questions that people ask me about Hawaii after "How long is the flight?" is "What's the shopping like?"  The shopping is amazing people!  There are lots of different places to shop but our first port of call is always Waikele Premium Outlets.

August 1, 2016

Hawaii - What We Wore

My girls were amazingly lucky to have some incredible brands send them out some beautiful clothes for our tropical getaway so they could travel in comfort and style.  Here is a round up of "What We Wore"...

July 28, 2016

Arrived On My Doorstep - July 2016

Here's my July round up of all the latest and greatest that have hit the shelves this month...

July 26, 2016

Fun Party Favours with Allen's Sea Stretchies

When I was planning Madeline's Mermaid Party earlier this year, there were no fish or ocean themed lollies to be found anywhere.  Fast forward a few months and the good people at Allen's have just released a new range of treats called Sea Stretchies.  My creative cogs started turning as soon as I saw them with all the really cool ways I could have used them.