REAL EVENTS - Mermaid Party

In early May we celebrated Madeline turning 6 years old.  We still can't quite believe we have a 6 year old!  6 is still very little in my eyes but she is a long way from a baby now too.  Her two bottom teeth have just started wiggling.  She has such beautiful baby teeth and I don't want them to fall out.  It's just another step towards growing up.  But time marches on and I found myself scrambling to pull together this years requested mermaid party.


Environmental - Beach Clean Up

We are "beach people".  My husband has surfed his whole life.  I love to play around on a longboard and did a degree is Coastal Geography.  Our girls love to sit on our paddleboard and explore the shallows.  We live on the North Shore of Auckland which has 141km of coastline.  If we're not down the road at our local beach, then we're off up north exploring those beaches.  You get it.  We love the beach.  We are so lucky to live in our clean, green New Zealand but we need to look after it!

Product Review & Giveaway - Shopkins Shoppies

If you've got a primary school aged children then chances are you've heard of Shopkins - pint sized, cartoon style, grocery store collectible figurines.  The range was first released in 2014 and now with well over 640 Shopkins in the range (and growing!) Shopkins have gained a massive following worldwide of young fans and serious collectors alike.  The latest addition to this popular range are the Shopkins Shoppies!  This weekend my girls donned their toy tester hats to see what they were all about.


Easter - Practical Easter Basket Ideas

If you've been following me for a while you'll know that I love to put together a little basket for each of my girls on special or fun holidays.  In an effort to be mindful of the things we purchase, save money and not fill our house with junk, this year I've gathered together baskets of "practical" goodies for both of my girls, things that they actually did need and won't be tossed aside after five minutes.  Read on to see what I've included...


Beauty - Little Housewife Smashbox Cosmetics Essentials

I'm in my early 30's and am only really just starting to become interested in make up.  I know what I like in terms of how make up looks and feels but I have never bothered to take the time to learn how to apply it properly or well.  I spent my teenage years heavily involved with ballroom and latin American dancing where you applied your make up with a spatula and ended up looking like a drag queen (which was the look we were all going for to "be seen" on the dance floor BTW!).  Outside of dancing most of my teenage friends weren't interested in make up and it didn't occur to me wear it.  By the time I finished university and I got my first job, my make up routine consisted of a big pot of "Natural Glow" bronzer and mascara and it has pretty much stayed that way ever since.  Just call me low maintenance.  14 years on I still love my bronzer and mascara.  To me, someone with clear, even toned, bronzed skin with full feathery eye lashes looks a picture of health but I'm realising there is a little more to that healthy sunkissed look than just bronzer and mascara.


My Favourite Summer Skincare

We clocked up a lot of hours at the beach this summer.  Nothing unusual there.  We live in a seaside town and visit the beach weekly all year round.  What has changed though is my interest in the importance of looking after my skin.  Long gone are my days of spending the whole day at the beach without a smidgen of sun protection.  This summer I discovered some amazing products that protected and nourished my skin from the summer sun and salty surf.  I really enjoyed using these products with visible results so I thought I'd share them with you.


Auckland Kiddie Limits

The Auckland City Limits Music Festival is coming to Western Springs on Saturday 19 March with an amazing line up of 40 national and international artists performing across four stages all day long.  Check out this star studded line up!  There are sound and video clips of each band which is super helpful as there were quite a few I hadn't heard of before who I am now really looking forward to checking out on the day.  But the awesomely unique thing about Auckland City Limits is that it is a kid friendly festival with a special space within the festival just for them.  And, kids under 10 years old get in free!