May 24, 2011

Sweet Shoppe Party - Part 1

The event that I have been planning since the first week of 2011 finally arrived last Saturday. What an amazing day it was and I am so excited to share it with you. I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful it was to see it all come together but even more wonderful to see everyone enjoy it so much! I thought I might be a little precious about the carefully laid tables being disturbed by little grabbing hands. And what if the guests didn't stop to notice the effort and detail that had gone in to it all? But boy was I wrong! Everyone loved every inch of it, took in every detail and oohed and aahed at all the right things. And once it had all been oggled over and photographed from every which way by admiring onlookers I was absolutely thrilled to see everyone enjoy it for what it was - a party!
Over the next few blogs I will be sharing many of the details and planning information with you (which I'm sure you're all just sitting on the edge of your seats waiting for right!) on how we planned this gorgeous Sweet Shoppe Party, as well as a list or two of "where I made mistakes" and "what I'd do differently next time" as it was a huge learning curve!
The reason for celebration was our daughters first birthday. I have a huge list of party themes that I am dying to tackle over the coming years but for her first birthday I wanted something "sweet" and girly. Initally it was going to be a Cupcake themed party. I always design/choose the invitation first and then start planning the party around that, so I began my trawl through literally hundreds of cupcake themed invitations but not finding anything that really jumped out at me. Until I stumbled across a delightful "Sweet Shoppe" invitation from Roxter Designs which is how the party was transformed from Cupcakes to Sweets. With a few minor changes, this was the end result:
I mounted each invitation on hot pink 210gsm card stock and posted them out in hot pink envelopes so they would really stand out in the letter box. It certainly worked at getting the kids excited! I hear there were many squeals of delight when they saw the envelopes arrive and more than one invite was absconded to the kids bedrooms before the parents could even get to see what it was.
I'm pretty computer savvy but don't have the know how to create some of the graphics featured on the invitation (although I am looking in to graphic design course when we get back from Hawaii in July but more on that later). However, I do know my way around Photoshop and so from this I was able to crop a whole range of printables such as Envelope Labels, Lollipop Labels, Gumball Machine Tags and Water Bottle Labels (but more on those in another blog).
Giant Round Lollipop Labels
Giant Stick Lollipop Labels
Gumball Machine Tags
Water Bottle Labels
I sent everything out to a local printer as I just don't think you can get the same quality from a domestic printer and then set about cutting everything out by guillotine or using my Cricut machine.

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