May 24, 2011

Sweet Shoppe Party - Part 3

One of my favourite parts of the day was our Party Favour Table.
(Sorry about the terrible photos - we have three Living Rooms joined together and this is the middle one where the lighting isn't so good until we do a little demolition and renovating - but more on that another day :))
The tablecloth is the same as described in "Part 2" although this is a narrow dresser so we didn't require another tablecloth underneath. I bought some giant Candy Necklaces and cut and rejoined them to make a Candy Necklace Garland which I secured along the front and sides with safety pins.
I made the polystyrene wreath hanging above the table using a tutorial from A Blissful Nest. I used the same method to make our Cupcake Pinata but rather than leaving the whole in the middle I inserted a polystyrene ball and covered the too which worked really well. They are super easy to make but quite time consuming. My hot glue ended it's poor life at the end of making these. I actually made it months before the party so lots of people saw it prior to the party and a few even commission custom ones so we now offer this service at Little Housewife.
I absolutely loved making this Lollipop Topiary Tree. It was so easy to make. Just a cheap terracotta pot and a piece of thick doweling which I painted white and my husband cemented together for me. Then a polystyrene ball of top stuck all over with Chupa Chup Lollipops (158 in total if you really wanted to know). A little ribbon twisted down the doweling, ribbon around the top of the pot, a little Easter grass in the top of the pot, a felt pad on the bottom of the pot and viola! A Lollipop Topiary Tree. We used it for game prizes. The kids loved choosing their own flavours from the gigantic ball :)
There were two actual party favours for the kids to take home. Firstly were these super cute mini Gumball Machines (pink for the girls and white for the boys) which we filled with Jaffas and tied a sweet thank you tag around.
The second party favour the kids got to choose was either a round or stick lollipop which we attached thank you stickers to that we had cut out with my Cricut machine.
The final detail was a framed photo of Madeline, Jamie and I taken at a charity photo shoot and a stunning felt party hat which we stock at Little Housewife.
So the table was simple but very sweet and effective.

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