May 24, 2011

Sweet Shoppe Party - Part 4

The absolutely stunning outfit that Madeline wore on her very special day was a beautiful handmade tutu set from StrawberrieRose called Strawberrie Lemonade. The set included a singlet with rosette and headband. The weather in New Zealand is quite changeable in May as we are well in to Autumn and it can get a little chilly and a little rainy so we bought Maddy a long sleeve white onesie and pinned the rosette on to that instead. We also layered a pair of super cute skinny jeans under the tutu. Here was the result. I think she looks adorable!
A finally a little bit about the rest of the decorations and games. Unfortunately this section is lacking somewhat in photos. My husband and I were so busy hosting the party that we simply forgot. We did manage though so here we go...
We set up a "Look at how I've grown wall" which greeted our guests as they arrived. 36 photos in total, starting at just 5 minutes old, showing how much Maddy has changed since she was born.
In the third living room we hired a kids tressle table and chairs. We covered it in white paper with a pink polka dot table runner and set up a Cupcake Colouring In Table. I got some big buckets of Crayola Crayons and printed out some amazing black and white Cupcake pictures for colouring in from Living the Creative Life. This lady has some seriously gorgeous colouring in pages on her blog.
We hung a gorgeous picnic check bunting around the cornice of the room, hung huge pink paper lanterns from the ceiling (which I had kept from my baby shower) and we literally filled the rest of the room with helium balloons. The kids loved having a space that was theirs to do what they liked with. It actually kind of turned in to the chill out room as whenever I went in to check how things were going there was a quite bunch of kids having a wee snack and doing a bit of colouring in before emerging 10 minutes later to join the chaos. Unfortunately this is the room that we have no decent photos of, it part because it is quite a narrow room and you really needed a wide angle lense to take it all in.
I can't emphasise enough how much the kids LOVED the helium balloons. Our house looked like a scene from the movie "Up"! By the end of the day they were letting them go outside and having races to the clouds with them. Very sweet :)
Outside, I repoted all of our flower pots with fresh pink and yellow flowers and made giant lollipops out of paper plates and balloon sticks (very cheap!) and windmills to pop in each pot. Very effective and colourful.
We had plenty of games to play. One of my favourites was "Pin the Candle on the Cupcake from 2 Little Lovelies. They custom made this game for Maddy which we will be able to use for her future parties. Also shown is the birthday banner I mentioned previously from ToadallyCuteProducts. Again, excuse the bad photo.
We had "Guess the number of Jellybeans in the jar". 432 if you really wanted to know. I counted them myself. The person with the closest guess won the whole jar which happened to be a 6 year old boy who guess 435! I sense a future Quantity Surveyor!
We asked all of the guests to bring along something small to go in a Time Capsule for Maddy to open on her 21st Birthday. Everyone was really creative and thoughtful and she got some lovely things to look back on to get a glimpse at what life was like when she was born. Now I just need to find the perfect container to store it all in. Any ideas???
We also had the Giant Cupcake Pinata that I mentioned in a previous post. It worked out really well and broke open at the absolute perfect time. I have never seen so many kids swarm to one place in my life!
We also played "Pass the Parcel" which is always a goodie. And I also made an Egg and Spoon Race and Lollipop Ring Toss but the afternoon got away on us and they never actually got played.
And finally, of course Maddy had "Happy Birthday" sung to her before she was presented with her "Smash Cake" which was entertainment in itself. For those of you unfamiliar with the tradition, it is predominately done in America when the birthday girl or boy is given their own little cake (or sometimes very big cake) to do whatever they like with. Some "smash" it to pieces (hence the name) and some devour it (like my little girl did).
Well, I hope that you have enjoyed the run down of details about Madelines Sweet Shoppe Party. We would welcome any questions or comments you have.
Love from Penny (Little Housewife) and Madeline (my gorgeous 1 year old)

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