July 1, 2011

Petal Cupcakes

A couple of weeks before we went away, we took Maddy over to the Newmarket store of Petal Cupcakes - something I had been looking forward to quite literally for years!

I was lucky enough to work with Laurel Watson, the lovely (and very funny) creator of Petal Cupcakes. In my pre-Little Housewife and pre-Mummy life I ran the home textiles showroom at Linens & More. At that stage Laurel was workin
g for the then New World Magazine, Essentially Food, and she would come in and borrow our linen and textiles to style her recipes for photography in the magazine. It was there that she mentioned her dream of opening Petal (so named because she calls everyone "Petal"). So naturally once I heard it was open I just had to get over there to see the dream come to fruition.

I was not disappointed! It all looks amazing! I wa
s completely drawn in by the delicious colours of the frostings! I was ordering a box of four before my husband knew what was happening. Said husband calls me a Magpie because if it's shinny and new then I want it. (He thinks I can sniff out a new product at the supermarket the second we enter the door). Well, he's right actually so when I saw the gorgeous carry case packaging I knew I'd be going home with one of those!

In my haste to devour the cupcakes I forgot to take a photo of the packaging. The image below is actually courtesy of Baking Makes Things Better of whom I am now a eager follower :)

We ordered Red Velvet (first image below), Black Doris Plum, Vanilla and Ripe Strawberry (second image below). I was thrilled to see they had Red Velvet as it is very common in America but hardly at all in New Zealand. And as expected, they were all beautiful! The frosting was so light and fluffy. Absolutely divine!

Four cupcakes in a gorgeous carry box will cost you $20.00. Check out www.petalcupcakes.co.nz for location information and seasonal flavours available.

It is definitely worth a visit. Let us know your favourite flavours so we check try them next time we are in. (And yes, Maddy sampled the Vanilla and Strawberry cupcakes and swooned like the one year old she is).

Penny xxx


  1. I absolutely adore the Hawkes Bay Peach

  2. Ooohhh... I remember seeing that one. I thought the colour of the frosting would make a beautiful dress :) So Hawkes Bay Peach is the next one I'll try. I need three more suggestions to fill up my next take home box...

  3. You are absolutely right. These are divine! I actually look forward to driving by the petrol stations for these. I'm sure nothing beats the shop at Newmarket, would have to plan an actual visit