October 31, 2011

KitchenAid Heart Attack

I thought I would share this with everyone in the hope that it prevents another near heart attack like I almost had a couple of weeks ago.

I am the very proud owner of a pistachio green KitchenAid Tilt Head Mixer.  It stands pride of place on our kitchen bench where I smile at it for its sheer beauty several times a day.

It is also a well used necessity in all my baking escapades.  A couple of weeks ago I was tackling yet another one of Sweetpolita's best ever Vanilla Layer Cakes.  It was a big mixture and it was getting quite near the top of the bowl but nothing that this exceptional piece of machinery couldn't withstand.

I turned around to tend to something else while the KitchenAid did it's thing for "two minutes" when I heard this horrendous clunking sound.  I turned back to the KitchenAid to see it shaking violently.  Before I could reach to switch it off a silver bolt came flying out of the side of the mixer and the mixer head slumped in to the bowl whilst still violently clunking away.  I managed to switch the machine off and it was at this point that the near heart attack ensued.  My beautiful KitchenAid was in TWO pieces - the head and the body!!!

My husband had rung a little earlier to say he was on his way home from work and he'd be there soon.  I knew he'd be able to sort out what ever had gone wrong but as the minutes ticked by I could no longer stand to look at this beautiful piece of machinery in two pieces.

I got the manual out of the manual filing cabinet (yes, I keep every manual in a alphabetized filing cabinet for moments just like these) but it made no reference what so ever to the said bolt or what to do if the machine was in two pieces.  I decided to give the supplier a call on the off chance that someone in the call centre would know what to do.

I was put through to Australia to a lady who did happen to know what I was talking about.  Apparently the "Tilt Head Bolt", which is that little silver dot you can see on the body of the KitchenAid pic above, is what flew out and apparently I was lucky that the mixer head fell down and not "out" and hit me!  Geez!  To cut what is turning out to be a long story short, there is a screw up inside the body of the KitchenAid mixer which loosens over time, especially when you are doing heavier work like doughs, and it needs to be tighten every so often to stop the Tilt Head Bolt from flying out.  Again, NO mention of this what so ever in the manual.

And the solution, it would have to go in for repair.  Now as I said above, I was mid Layer Cake so this wasn't an option!  I thanked her, hung up and weighed up my options.  In the end I thought "It's just a bolt - someone must have slid it in when they made it so surely I can slide it back in myself and do up the screw!"  Not really!  Do you think I could get the bolt to slide back in?  It was virtually impossible.  So I jumped on goggle and found a few other people who had had the same problem but also couldn't get the bolt back in.  Two different people had tapped it back in with a hammer but I thought I'd end up with bigger problems later on if I attempted that.  In the end I can only say that I lifted the tilt head all the way back and slowly maneuvered it down while pushing the bolt back in.  I don't know if it would work again if it happened again.  I think it was a pure fluke!

So, the point of this very long story - remember to tighten your Tilt Head Bolt every so often to avoid a near heart attack and damaging your prized KitchenAid.


  1. thank you for this - albeit somewhat long article - but my wife faced exactly the same issue today and like your good self we found nothing in the manual!Bearing in mind this happened to you two years ago this should have been rectified especially as the Kitchen Aid is the Rolls Royce of mixers and comes with a price tag to match!

  2. Hi there. Thanks so much for your comments. Sorry to hear you had the same issue with your Kitchen Aid mixer. I hope your wife/you managed to slide the bolt back in relatively easily. Even though it happened two years ago I still get nervous using it even now. I never turn my back on it. I used to have a Sunbeam Retro Mixmaster (which I sold to purchase the Kitchen Aid) and I still can't shake the thought that the Sunbeam was more functional than the Kitchen Aid. Thanks again for your comments :)

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