March 20, 2012

Giant Pumpkins

While at the 2011 Kumeu Show we stumbled across the Giant Pumpkin Exhibit.

My Mum instantly fell in love with them and decided she must have one for their garden.  I'll stop here and explain that my parents are very keen gardeners and have the most beautiful immaculate garden.  They often have people coming to their front door to ask if they can take photos.  It's not just the plants and flowers that make it stunning, but they have interesting things dotted around the garden which add a real charm - an old wooden wagon wheel, an old french bicycle... and a giant pumpkin!

They went back out to Kumeu once the show had finished for the year and chose 2 pumpkins.  They somehow lifted them in to the car (these things can get up to 100kgs!) and proudly bought them home to display in the garden.

Aaawww... look how little she was a year ago!

When the pumpkins got past their best, Mum salvaged the seeds to try and grow her own.  She also gave some of the seeds to my sisters family and our family and so the great Giant Pumpkin Growing Competition began!

To cut a year long story of growing short (and half hearted phone calls between family members hinting at each others pumpkin sabotage) - we cut ours off last week the vine last week.

Now before you get excited - this is a zoomed in shot.  It grew with gusto for the first few weeks - it seemed to double in size every night.  BUT every time I looked out the kitchen window there was my husband fiddling round with it - adding a little more water, a little more fertiliser, cutting some of the leaves off.  And then one day it just stopped growing.  Here is Maddy with the end result...

Not bad for a first attempt.  And we won the family Pumpkin off.  Mums seeds never germinated and my nephew pulled his parents seedlings out of the ground when they weren't looking.  We all look forward to giving it another go with the seeds from our precious little giant pumpkin.  Who knows - you might see our entry in the Kumeu Show in 2013!

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