March 29, 2012

How to remove creche paint from kids clothes

Madeline started Creche a few weeks ago and while they are excellent at keeping the kids clean, sometimes she comes home looking like this:

I change her clothes as soon as we get home and pop them in the wash straight away but those "washable" paints do NOT wash out!  She does have dedicated "creche clothes" but I still want them to look nice and be stain free.

I mentioned to a neighbour whose son attends the same Creche the paint removal issues I was having and she told me this amazing product to remove the paint.  Are you ready???
Dishwash Liquid

That's right!  Plain old Dishwash Liquid.  She didn't elaborate on the method I should follow so this afternoon when Madeline go home from Creche I literally just squeezed some Dishwash Liquid on to the (now dried) paint stains and rubbed it in.  (Apple scented Sunlight Soap if you are really interested).  The paint stains started to lift a little and smudge around but I was still a little dubious.  I had another load of washing on the go so I left the t-shirt sitting for about 20 minutes and then washed it separately just in case the paint transferred on to other clothes.  And viola!  It came out absolutely brand new!  We had a lovely sunny day today so I got it straight on the line to let the sunshine do a final bleach (sunshine is the best natural bleacher for light stains).

I honestly couldn't believe it worked but there you go.  No nasty stain removing chemicals and cheap, cheap, cheap!  Enjoy xxx

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