April 13, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter 2012 was an absolutely idyllic long weekend.  Auckland finally got a taste of what our summer weather should have been like.  It's amazing how sunshine lifts your spirits.  We were on the go the whole weekend and I'll warn you now that this is going to be a picture heavy post...

Maddy finished Creche for the term on Thursday.

While she played away the morning with all her little friends, I whipped up some morning tea for the teachers as a wee thank you for how wonderful they have been settling Maddy in.

I dropped off the baking plus a little extra gift for Maddy's main teacher and collected Maddy so we could start our Easter holidays.

On Good Friday we took Maddy up to see her Nanny (that's one of her Grandma's, not an actual Nanny) on her farm where she was very spoilt with a gorgeous Peter Rabbit Book and Easter Eggs and Maddy helped collect Eggs from the chickens.

In the afternoon some of the neighbourhood families came over for an Easter Egg hunt in our backyard.  This turned out to be Easter Egg hunt number one of three over the long weekend.

On Easter Saturday we spent the morning at Waiake Beach.  The weather was stunning.

Maddy splashed around the in the water, built sand castles, ate sand and learned about starfish.

The Easter Bunny came to visit while we were out and left Maddy an Easter Hamper of goodies.

Maddy went for a sleep and I finally got a chance to catch up on a little bit of sewing which included sewing a patchwork owl on to a cheap dress I got on sale at the Warehouse for Maddy to wear to Creche next term.

In the afternoon, some more friends and their children came over for Easter Egg Hunt number 2.

On Easter Sunday, we spent the morning with friends at Orewa Beach.  The weather was amazing and the surf was even better.  The Daddies all went out surfing for a few hours while we played on the beach.

On Sunday afternoon we went to my parents house for Easter Egg Hunt number 2 in their garden and dinner.

Are you exhausted yet???  I'm nearly there.  Then on Monday, we took Maddy to see her first show at the Bruce Mason Centre in Takapuna - The Hare and The Tortoise.

We were really unsure how it would go as Maddy is a major wriggler.  But she did great.  She loved the beginning.  A short way in she got frightened of all the noise but by half way through she was used to it and was having a great time.  Afterwards we took her down to Milford Beach for lunch and a run around.

And lastly we had some old friends come and visit us from Australia in the afternoon.

Phew!  See what I mean!  We were literally on the go the whole weekend.  Madeline had an absolute ball but we now have her in chocolate detox mode.  She got given a ridiculous amount of chocolate which I have hidden away and/or try to palm off to anyone who comes near our house.

With Easter now gone, our house is in full party planning mode for Madeline's 2nd Birthday.  Watch this space...

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