May 10, 2012

I Love...

This gorgeous woollen coat that I got for Maddy last weekend at the Coatesville Markets which is beautifully hand made by People Puppies.  It's lined in the most gorgeous polka dot fairy fabric.


The Coatesville Markets - They are held the first Sunday of every month and are wonderful.  The food stalls are absolutely amazing!  My husband and I joke that all we do when we are there is eat.  The Moroccan Lamb Sausages at the Fritz Weiner stall are out of this world - and I am not a sausage person at all.

Mum and Dad finding this old wall plate in a cupboard when they were having a clear out the other weekend.  It used to hang in my older sisters room when we were little.  It now proudly hangs above Maddy's cot.

I love that Mum and Dad kept almost all of our childhood toys stashed in their loft.  About a year ago we all got together to choose what we would like to keep for our children.  Among all the treasures was this old Fisher Price record player which still works perfectly.  Maddy and my nephew Archie have just discovered how it works and just love it!

Planting Spring bulbs with Maddy.  I found these great pots at The Warehouse for $3.  They'll look fantastic when the Daffodils start to sprout.

Teaching Maddy to use the easel she got for her birthday.  The whiteboard slides out to reveal a feltboard.  You can get a big bag of felt cut outs from your local $2 Shop.

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