June 5, 2014

Book Advent Calendar

I know, I know - It's only June and Christmas couldn't be further away from everyones minds but I thought this was such a great idea from Dana Made It and if you wanted to do it for this Christmas it might take a few months to get this together - especially if you're wanting to scour the local op shops.

Rather than the traditional chocolate or lolly advent calendars, why not 25 days of Christmas themed story books.

Children love to have a story before bedtime, so for the Christmas countdown why not wrap some Christmas stories and have your children choose one each night to unwrap and read together.

To start your Christmas book collection:
- scour book sales, Trade Me or your local op shops over the next few months to collect the books
- choose a few books each year and slowly build up and update your collection
- ask family and friends to choose your children a Christmas book rather than more toys!
- (a great idea from Dana) mix in a few library books while you build up your Christmas book collection

I'm sure this will become a sweet family tradition for you and your littlies that everyone will look forward to, remember fondly and hopefully the cherished Christmas books will pass down to future generations to keep the tradition alive.

Dana has a great list of Christmas themed stories listed on her blog but we'd love to start our own list.  We'd love to hear what your favourite Christmas books and stories are.

1 comment:

  1. Some of our favorites:

    *Morris's Disappearing Bag, by Rosemary Wells

    *The Gift of the Magi, illus. by P.J. Lynch

    *The Nutcracker, illus. by Susan Jeffers

    *Jan Brett's "Night Before Christmas"

    *The Night Before the Night Before Christmas, by Natasha Wing