June 7, 2012

Little & Friday Cafe and The Candyman

Wanting to take advantage of the the beautiful autumn weather last week, my sister and I decided to take the littlies out for the morning.  We decided to head to the Little and Friday Cafe which I've been hearing so much about over the last few months.

They have two stores - Eversleigh Road in Takapuna and Melrose Street in Newmarket.  We chose their Eversleigh store as we live on the North Shore and wanted to head on to Devonport afterwards.  Little and Friday takes up what once would have been an old block of shops but has been used for catering for as long as I can remember.  (I had a holiday job when I was at Takapuna Grammar doing the washing up for a catering company which was once run from the same premises.  It was some of hardest work I have ever done scrubbing out those big pots and pans).  The cafe takes up one part of the building and rest of the building is busy with people rushing round behind the scenes creating culinary heaven.

The cafe was absolutely bustling when we arrived.  It's not located in a high traffic area.  Eversleigh Road is infact a residential road with no other businesses located nearby so this is a definite destination which people know about and flock to.

The food all looked absolutely amazing!  The menu is extensive and it would take many visits to work your way through the selection.  I chose the Caramelised Onion and Feta Quiche and it was beautiful.  (I took a bite before I took the photo below - oops!)  What made it really stand out was the fresh, handmade pastry.  There is absolutely no comparison between handmade and store bought pastry.  (Which reminds me - my mother in-law makes outstanding flaky puff pastry and I keep meaning to get the recipe from her which she swears in easy)

We chose to eat outside at a two small wooden crates painted mint (my favourite colour!)  The inside has a huge communial dining table.  All the tables, chairs, china, tea cups, cutlery are vintage, mismatched and gorgeous.

Maddy sporting her gorgeous People Puppies coat :)

Little and Friday have also produced an amazing cookbook which is available for purchase in store.  It includes a huge range of recipes included with beautiful, clear photos.  I was very tempted to purchase a copy but must keep reminding myself that I need to decrease my cookbook collection, not increase it!

I thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Little and Friday and I highly recommend popping in to one of their stores - although I hear the line snakes out the door in the weekends :)

From Little and Friday we headed to Devonport so the kids could have a run around at the playground.  On the drive down the main street we spied a new branch of The Candyman.

It was like walking in to Willy Wonkas Factory.  It is wall to wall, floor to ceiling candy!  The majority of their products are imported so every single item in a feast for the eyes.  Everything is so bright, colourful and happy.  The photo below (which is a shot of the Mount Eden Store) just doesn't do it justice.  It is amazing!

I was really looking forward to looking through every item and making some purchases.  Maddy was allowed to choose a special treat (she chose a Mallow Kabob) and at this point, things momentarily went pear shaped.  I wanted to hold the Mallow Kabob while we continued to shop before paying and leaving.  Maddy had other ideas.  (Never try to get between a toddler and her Mallow Kabob!)  I was very clearly not going to win this one so we ended up cutting our visit short but I'll be heading back very soon and next time I will be sure to strap her in to her pushchair before we go in :)

Tantrum averted we headed back down to Devonport Park and Beach for a play (to burn off the sugar from that Mallow Kabob!)

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