August 13, 2012

I Love...

Lemon Loaf by Made from Scratch
I made this loaf this afternoon and it is gorgeous.  So quick and easy.  I'm enjoying a slice with some vanilla ice cream as I type.

Sandwich Pie Cutter
A simple but fantastic invention.  Excellent for making sandwiches with loose or messy fillings such as egg or tuna.  It seals the edges of the sandwich to contain the filling.  I used it to make a red salmon sandwich for Maddy the other day and it worked a treat.

This gorgeous bi-monthly online magazine is a must read.  It is jam packed with amazing art, craft and design ideas.  The current issue shows some gorgeous childrens parties and home decor.

Made using washing soda, baking soda, salt and citric acid.  I made and have been using this for a few months now and I love it.  It does a fantastic job.  Everything comes out sparkling and squeaky clean.  I love the smell, its very cost effective and there is no nasty chemical residue left on our dishes.

Baby Clothes Duvet
Can't bear to part with your childrens oh so sweet clothes when they've out grown them?  Why not make them in to a patchwork quilt or duvet like this one on Folksy.  In this case, you send the seller your childrens clothes and she will sew the quilt for you.

I picked up these teeny burger buns at Farro in the weekend.  Ideal for little hands when we make homemade hamburgers.

White rice, food colouring and hand sanitizer.  So cheap, so simple and hours of fun.  I followed the directions by Pink and Green Mama (which is a brilliant blog for kids arts and crafts) and Bubbalino.

What a great gift idea for someone during these grey winter months - a Box of Sunshine by Happy Money Saver.  I know I would feel instantly sunny opening a box like this.

Maddy has suddenly declared that she LOVES "cake" of any kind and has started to help me baking in the kitchen.  She loves adding in the eggs, licking the spatula and looking at the cake through the oven door.  She hates the sound of the cake mixer and takes off to hide when I switch it on.  I can remember being the same when I was little - Mums Sunbeam Mixmaster was loud and used to cause interference on the living room TV for some reason.  Funny but nice memory x

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