August 13, 2012


Well all I can do is apologise for what has been a very lengthy absence from my poor neglected blog.  And the reason for my absence?  This wee dot...

I'm 20 weeks pregnant today and this little lady (yes, it's another wee girl) has been putting me through my morning sickness paces.  We are absolutely thrilled to bits and look forward to welcoming her on New Years Eve - think of me as your clinking you're glasses of bubbles (oh how I would love a cold glass of delicious bubbles).

By the beginning of August I was starting pretty much back to feeling normal and was also pretty smug that none of us had even had a sniff of a cold all winter.  And then last Saturday night I started coughing, and coughing, and coughing, and... I came down with the worst cold I can remember having in years.  My Doctor decided to treat me for Whooping Cough as well as a precautionary measure.  I don't know what I would have done without my Mum.  She dropped everything to help us.  On my return from one trip to the Doctor she had done the ironing, changed our sheets, started making dinner and had Maddy given Maddy morning tea and was happily playing - I was only gone 40 minutes!  Thank you Mum!

Sickness aside, we have been working hard on finishing the two girls bedrooms.  I'm not sure if I have ever mentioned before but we live in a 1970's brick and tile house that, for the most part, is in its original condition.  We abolustely love it.  This house makes us all so happy and I feel grateful everyday that we live here.  It is our forever house.  We are slowly but surely gutting each room and starting again from scratch.  I am incredibly lucky to be married to a wonderful man who is infinitely talented at almost every trade and can turn his hand to anything with absolute perfection (which is very handy when you have a fussy wife).

This was the original wallpaper in Maddy's room.  Lovely!  It reminds me of those things with long legs and wings - like flying Daddy Long Leg Spiders.

Her room isn't quite finished yet and I'll be sure to put before and after shots up soon but it is finished enough that she has moved back in and has moved from a cot to her big girl bed.

She looks so small in it!  Thankfully she loves it and we haven't had any middle of the night visits as yet - but I'm sure they'll come.

At the beginning of the month Maddy was invited to a gorgeous Princess birthday party.  Her little friend Christabella turned three.  You might remember her gorgeous Fairy Garden Party we featured last year.  Here is Maddy just before we left for the party in the cutest Oobi dress.

Victoria outdid herself again this year by making an actual Princess castle as the focal point of the party.  It was absolutely amazing.

And tucked away inside was a throne for all the little Princesses and Princes to sit on.

Unfortunately I didn't get many photos as I spent most of my time chasing a certain someone away from a large set of stairs and from going off to explore the rest of the house.  But it was completely amazing.  Victoria did an amazing job for Christabella's special day.

Sunday was the annual Ice Age Day down in our local shopping centre, Browns Bay.  We missed it last year but I made sure to add it to our calendar this year.  It's where they dump a huge pile of snow on the village green and let the kids have at it.  Its absolutely brilliant.

It was Maddy's first time seeing or touching snow and she wasn't too sure about it.  And when she got some down her gumboots it was all over.

So we crossed over to the other side of the shopping centre and spent some time at the beach and playground instead.

I hope that this finds you all well and that you're fighting off the winter chills and ills.  My apologies again for my recent absense and I hope to be back blogging on a much more regular basis from now on.  I have some great things saved up that I look forward to sharing with you and we'd love to hear your comments, thoughts and feedback as well.  Penny xxx

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