September 27, 2012

Daizy Bugz

Not your ordainary string of beads!  These amazing kids necklaces are stunningly designed by Ericka at Daizy Bugz.

Ericka has a fantastic eye for coordinating colours, patterns and textures which results in fantastic designs like Strawberry Shortcake, Pink Lemonade and Lolly Pop shown below which arrived a few weeks ago for Madeline.  Aren't they gorgeous combinations for the upcoming summer months!

Each necklace is beautifully hand made using substantial and sturdy materials making them excellent value for money - averaging between NZD$17.00 and NZD$20.00 each.

Daizy Bugz have an amazing range of designs for all occasions and themes - they have just uploaded some fantastic Halloween designs!

And yes, the do fit adult necks too.  If you ask nicely your daughter might let you borrow one ;)

Maddy up the Sky Tower wearing her Lolly Pop necklace.

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