February 9, 2013

It's a Girl!

I feel like I've been on a blogging holiday for ages but on the other hand the last month has absolutely flown by as we welcomed our second daughter, Maisie Grace, in to our family on 5 January.

The labour and birth went amazingly smoothly and Maisie made an easy entrance only 4.5 hours after arriving at hospital (the complete opposite of Maddy's arrival - think nearly 24 hours ending venthouse and forceps - ouch!).

Maisie weighed and measured exactly the same as Maddy and like her big sister she was also born with a full head of black hair which sticks up all over the show.

Madeline meeting Maisie in Hospital

I couldn't wait to be discharged from Hospital and go home as I missed my big girl so much.  The nurses thought I was crazy when I asked to leave after only 2 days but there is no place like home.

Maisie had arranged a few "big sister" treats to give Maddy when we came home from hospital.  She was thrilled to bits with everything - especially the Cinderella DVD.  Maddy is now in a full on Princess obsession.

Five short days later, the girls and I were on our own as Mr Little Housewife had to go back to work.  I was really worried about how I would get on on my own but that lasted about two minutes before I got so busy juggling a toddler and a newborn that I forgot to be worried and just got on with it.

Apart from the odd fussy day, Maisie seems to be feeding and sleeping pretty well.  I find the trickiest part is juggling Maisie's naps with Maddy's creche drop offs and pick ups.  But it's only two mornings a week and Maisie doesn't seem to have a problem with it - I just don't like having to wake my beautifully sleeping bubba.

When Maisie is awake we've kept busy with:

Mini Photo Shoots - we celebrate the passing days and weeks with the sweet Photo Blocks in the photo below from Aunt JJs Attic on Etsy.

Tummy Time - Maddy would scream every time we would pop her on to her tummy so it's a real novelty having Maisie who happily lies there trying to hold her head up.  She has a really strong neck for such a littlie.

Meeting Family - this is Maisie meeting her 92 year old Great Grammy x

But, Maisie only stays awake for around 45 minutes at a time so there are big chunks of the day where it is still just Maddy and I.  We like to:

Watch our Monarch Butterflies hatch... (Maddy spent a couple of days insisting on wearing her bike helmet everywhere).

Pick veggies from the garden... (we had a bumper crop of cherry tomatoes this year.  This was just one afternoons worth of picking).

Have tea parties... (Maddy decided we'd have this one on a rubber Dora bath mat).

Play outside in this glorious summer weather... (Maddy was making soup in this photo in a bucket of water with grass and leaves - so sweet!)

Spend lots of time swimming in the pool...

Jump on the Trampoline...

Plus lots of walks to our local park to feed the ducks and visit the playground, a little baking when time permits and Playdoh.  Maddy was given a Playdoh Candy Cyclone for Christmas and it keeps her entertained for hours.  I highly recommend it!

In the weekends when we're all together we've been Strawberry Picking...

visiting the beach...

Been to a few birthday parties...

And we're also tackling toilet training.  We're really proud of Maddy and how she is progressing but she refuses to use the toilet anywhere other than home.  Does anyone have any tips or tricks to help with this one?

Well, its lovely to be back blogging and I hope to be back on a more regular posting schedule from now on.  I hope you are all enjoying and making the most of this glorious summer weather.  I'd love to hear how you've all been enjoying the start of 2013.  Penny x

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  1. Congratulations on your beautiful wee girl, love the name too. Thanks for your kind words regarding Sam too, very much appreciated :)