April 2, 2013

Easter 2013

Next to Christmas, Easter is my favourite holiday to celebrate.  Everything about it is so pretty.  We spent the Easter break at home this year as we have some projects underway that needed to be worked on.  We started the Easter celebrations earlier in the week by doing a little decorating.

I framed up some Easter Subway Art from Eighteen25.

And put out a rag wreath that I bought on special from Bed, Bath and Table.

I've been collecting old 1950's and 1960's egg cups which I also included in the display.  When the girls are older I'll use them on our Easter breakfast table but in the mean time they stayed up and out of the way from little fingers.

I also bought this Easter Bunny on special from Bed, Bath and Table.  I filled its belly with eggs for our family Easter Egg hunt on Saturday.

And I found these cute signs at the $2 Shop to put in the girls bedrooms.

On Thursday we took some treats in to Maddy's Creche teachers.  I made individual bags of mini Hershey bars which were wrapped in pastel Easter colours and popped a Happy Easter sign in the front which was a free printable from Three Little Monkeys Studio.  The cute basket was from K-Mart.

The girls got new Easter Pajamas after their bath on Thursday evening - Maisie had bunnies with carrots and Madeline had baby chicks with Easter eggs :)

And before bedtime we put our "Bunny Bait" out for the Easter Bunny.

I threw together what ever I could find in the pantry for our Bunny Bait - some cornflakes, a small sample packet of Cocopops, pastel Smarties and ice cream sprinkles. The Bunny Bait signs are a free printable from Bloom Designs.

Once the girls were in bed I put together their Easter baskets.  I got a bit carried away with Madeline's Easter treats this year and she ended up with two baskets.  I like to collect bits and pieces through out the year as I see them on sale and pop them in the present cupboard for times like this :)

Maddy was so excited to see if the Easter Bunny had been to visit the next morning.

The Easter Bunny had eaten everything and nibbled on the card too!  Maddy gobbled up the remaining Smarties.
Then it was time for the Easter baskets.  We gave them on Easter Friday this year as we had family over all weekend who were also bringing treats so we wanted to try and spread things out.  All the Easter treats were a hit but she loved the books and the wind up baby chick the best!

Maisie was pretty happy with her patchwork stuffed Easter eggs from Lilly-Dee Designs.  The Easter Bunny left six at our house and six at Nana and Grandads house - the idea being the girls will have a dozen eggs to have pretend egg hunts with when they get older :)

We spent good Friday together visiting the local playground and feeding the ducks.  Maddy chose to wear almost every accessory that she received in her Easter basket including a really gorgeous apron from one of my favourite crafters Lemon Tree Studio.

Here's a better view of it here...

This awesome little bubba spent the whole time smiling - love!

And we spent a disproportionate amount of time watching to see if Maddy's Easter chick had hatched.  It was meant to start cracking open within 12-24 hours.  Five days later it has only just started to crack open!

Easter Saturday was spent having a big family barbeque at our place.  The girls got to wear their sweet matching Easter outfits from Sprightly.

We had a big Easter egg hunt at the end of the day but I didn't manage to get too many photos as it was so chaotic and impossible to get all of the kids together in one spot and all looking in the right direction, let alone smiling at the same time!  Here are four of them after the egg hunt.  We are a family of boys!   I only have nephews and we have the only two girls on my side of the family!  (I forgot to get them all matching Easter baskets from the $2 Shop - damn it!)

We spent most of Sunday quietly recovering from Saturday until our neighbours came over in the afternoon.  They have two children the same ages as our and are the loveliest people.  They are sadly leaving us and moving to Kinloch so it was our farewell to them.  We'll be so sad to see them go but are very excited for them too.

Maddy was so over all the photos by Monday - can you tell?  I've been warned about those fake smiles that happen around three years old.

So that was our Easter for 2013.  We didn't get to do allot of the things I had planned.  I was short on time this year and we were very busy with other projects but I love what we did manage to do together.

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  1. Loved your ideas , & so impressed with what u do for the entire weekend!!

    It never occured to me to buy pressents aside from choccy bunnies & eggs.

    Loved your photos as i always do.

    Great blog ( as usual ).

    How did u come accross the free printed out Bunny Bait signs??

    Keep up the great work

    Em Overton