May 14, 2013

Suppori Baby Sling by Little M

This giveaway is now closed.  The lucky winner of the Suppori Baby Sling is Madeleine Berry.  Congratulations Madeleine x

A little while ago Megan from Mouse House was given the opportunity to review a fantastic new baby product coming to New Zealand.  As she was no longer in the "baby wearing" stage of life she offered up this great opportunity to another blogger.  Our little Maisie Boo is 4 months old now and 3 year old Madeline sometimes thinks its hilarious to run away from us in public (it's not!) so I need both hands free as much as possible so I jumped at the chance to try out the Suppori Baby Sling by Little M.  And I've got to say I love it!

Maisie hates being in her capsule and loves to be up and about looking around at everything.  The Suppori Baby Sling is fantastic for this.  It keeps her up high with a great view in every direction but with the security of being snuggled in close to her Mumma.

Maisie can't sit up by herself yet but she has great head control so we've already been able to use it on some short trips out and while running errands.  She's a great walking advertisement for the sling because every second person wants to stop and discuss/touch her hair.

The Sappori Baby Sling is super comfortable and takes Maisie's weight beautifully.  She's only about six kilos at the moment but even that can get heavy after a little while so with Maisie sitting on my hip and my back and shoulders taking her weight (rather than my arms and neck) the sling makes it a breeze to carry her.

The Suppori Baby Sling is so simple and easy to use.  Just slip it on over your shoulder and slide your baby on in.  No straps to adjust, tabs to pull or buckles to tighten to get the right fit.  And once the sling is on it stays in place beautifully.  It doesn't slide off your shoulder or move around.  It's just so easy.

One of the features I love the most is there is no chance of Maisie over heating due to the unique woven mesh that the sling is made of.  It's what I worry about most using our Manduca Baby Carrier, especially in summer.  I don't have to think about removing or adding any layers of clothing before popping her in.  Perfect!  And it's super sturdy too - there's no chance of her slipping or wriggling out of there.

The Sappori Baby Sling weighs a teeny tiny 80 grams (less than the weight of an iPhone!) and folds up compactly to fit in your baby bag.  It's so easy and convenient to leave in there and have it on hand.  Can you spot it in my chock-a-block baby bag?

The Suppori Baby Sling is also machine washable and is available in 30 gorgeous colours.  What's not to love?

Maisie will have out grown her capsule within the next month or two and I am so happy that I have an easy way to carry her about with me.  I was a little worried about how I would get on taking her in and out of creche drop offs and pick ups but this is the perfect solution.

Have I sold you yet?  You can check out the amazing Suppori Baby Sling by visiting Little M.  Little M is also going to have a stand at the Auckland Baby Show in August this year so pop on over to their stand to have a look.

Little Housewife and Suppori also have an exciting giveaway to announce on our blog and Facebook page in the next few days so watch this space :)

Thanks so much to Little M for supplying us with a Suppori Baby Sling (in colour salmon if you're interested) to try.  We truly love it x

Here's Madeline getting in on the photos.  She loves the look of the Suppori too.  She kept saying it was her turn - she doesn't understand why I can't carry her in it just like her baby sister.  Cute :)


  1. loving Maisie's hair- my second had hair just like hers except it stuck up all over her head like a hedgehog!! glad you like the sling, it sounds great!

  2. Thanks so much again for sharing the chance to review the sling Megan. It's awesome. Yip, Maisie's got some great hair. Madeline was the same but Maisie's is way crazier. We can't go out with her without hearing "look at her hair" :)

  3. Thanks for the lovely review , and the crazy hair :). I have shared on my FB page, i hope thats okay. We are the new distributors in the UK for the Suppori, and your review is perfect to show the sling in use.

  4. Hi Monica. Thank you so much for the lovely message and yes of course you are very welcome to use our review. I hope Suppori is successful in the UK. I just loved mine. Penny x