June 19, 2013

Belle & Boo Books

We are big Belle & Boo fans in our house.  If you're not familiar with the sweet duo, Belle is a delightful little bob-haired girl and Boo is her sweet fury friend.  They can always be found together - "on sunny days, rainy days, dreamy lets-be-lazy days".  The illustrations of these two little friends are innocent and absolutely beautiful.  There is a real nostalgic warmth about the whole brand.

So, we were thrilled to see there are some gorgeous new books coming out including some craft and activity books.

Firstly is a new storybook called Belle & Boo and the Yummy Scrummy Day - a sweet story where Belle tries to convince Boo that fruit and vegetables are just as yummy as cake.  I've popped this one away in our present cupboard for the next goodie basket I put together for Madeline.

Other storybooks in the range include

I have also seen that there is a Christmas themed storybook going to be released a little later in the year.  Ooohhh... can't wait for that!

Completely new to the Belle & Boo book range is The Belle and Boo Book of Craft - 25 Enchanting Projects for Parents to make for their Children.  Projects include simple paper crafts, knitting and advanced sewing so there is something for all levels of crafting.

And finally there are two new children's activity books - Belle & Boo Play Day - A Dress-Up and Sticker Activity Book

These would be so sweet to pop away for a rainy day surprise during the winter school holidays.

What do you think?  Aren't they absolutely gorgeous! x

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