June 20, 2013

Vintage Fisher Price

There have been quite a few gorgeous playrooms popping up on Pinterest lately with a focus on vintage Fisher Price toys.

We were really fortunate when we were little that our Dad worked for Fisher Price.  For some reason our parents kept and stored all of our childhood toys away in their loft.  And boy am I glad they did!

About two years ago Mum and Dad decided they wanted to reclaim their loft space and called my brother, sister and I to go through all of the boxes (and boxes and boxes) of toys, take what we wanted for our own children and what ever was left over would go to charity.

It took a whole day!  In part because there was so much stuff and in part because we reminisced over almost every single toy we pulled out.  Our piles to keep grew and grew to the point where we had to start being ruthless with what we kept and what went.  While I kept heaps - way more than my brother and sister - I really regret not keeping more.  We sent some of the most insanely awesome vintage Fisher Price to the local charity shops.  But here is a snippet of some of the Vintage Fisher Price I did keep...

Both of my girls love love love "Happy Apple"

Some of the items with exterior stickers such as the barn haven't weathered too well but my girls don't care.  I remember hiding biscuits in this when I was little only to find they had gone soft a day or two later.  Lesson learnt there on food storage :)

A big box of figuerines. animals, cars and furniture.

This is probably my favourite item - a Fisher Price Record Player in perfect working order.  More than one little child has asked "Whats a Record?" - haha!

As well as the Fisher Price, I also brought home all of our little dolls and figurines including original Strawberry Shortcake, Care Bears and My Little Pony.  I'll save sharing them for another post.

I'm so grateful to my parents for keeping everything.  My girls absolutely love playing with all the old toys and it is adorable to see my daughters playing with our childhood treasures that we all loved so much.  I look forward to carefully popping them away one day to give my girls for their children.


  1. Great memories - I had that little record player too! Actually, my parents still have it stored away in their house (along with my Strawberry Shortcakes, Care Bears, and My Little Ponies). :)

  2. I had every single one of these toys pictured! :)