September 19, 2013

Last Day at Creche and First Day at Kindergarten

In March 2012, this little poppet started two mornings a week at our local community Creche.  She was just shy of her second birthday and in need of some socialising with other children.

Fast forward 18 months to September 2013, and last week we said goodbye to Creche as we had been called up to start Kindergarten.

I can't believe how much she has grown since she first started at Creche.  I'm so proud of how she has grown in confidence and independence.  (Wish I'd thought to make a sign for the first day of Creche damn it!)

As a farewell gift to each of her little friends I made these "See You Later Alligator" gift tags and attached them to little bags of jelly crocodiles that I purchased in bulk from Crazy Candies.

We gave each of the teachers a bar of Lindt Creme Brulee.  The gift tags are a free printable from Dimple Prints.

And finally we gave Creche a copy of one of Maddy's favourite books - Pete the Cat which I mentioned back in Things I'm Loving in May along with a copy of the audio book on CD.

I'm really sad to say goodbye to Creche.  Maddy has been so happy there and the teachers are wonderful.  But she is definitely ready for some new challenges and we'll be back in 2015 when Maisie is enrolled to start.  Eek!

On Tuesday morning we started at our new Kindergarten.  It's only a short 15 minute walk from our home, through a big park with a large duck pond which is so lovely.  Maddy loves picking daisies on the way and there is also a creek with some huge eels in it which Maddy loves to spot.  It means we have to leave home by 8.00am (I never imagined that I'd be able to get myself and two children dressed, feed and out the door by that time but we somehow manage it) and there's nothing like a walk in this brisk spring weather to wake you up for the day.

We had visited Kindy a couple of times in the two weeks prior so she would be familiar with it when it came time for me to leave her there by herself.  She is quite shy and can be quite slow to warm to new things but I needn't have worried.  She was gagging to get in there on the first day and once she had completed all the arrival tasks she gave me a kiss and waved me goodbye.  I left her at a table with some new friends painting her version on Monet's Sunflowers.  It was such a great start, the facility and teachers are amazing and I know she is going have a fantastic time there.

After our little photo shoots I kept the wee signs I made that Maddy was holding and I've used them as dividers in her ringbinders so where know where her Creche artwork ends and the Kindy artwork begins.  Cute!


  1. Loved reading this, Congratulations Maddy on your first week at Kindy, its amazing looking at how little you were heading to Creche & now seeing you head off to Kindy, what a big girl you are.

    Lovely blog as usual Penny, i wish i was as organised as you with your labels & beautiful thought gifts. I have a Winnie the Pooh Box i keep all Taylors art work in from Kindy & now School, which he loves looking at from time to time. I honestly dont know how you got yourself & two little ones fed dressed & out the door by 8am. Or was at Kindy by 8am? which ever it was, that was a jolly good effort!

    Loved the photos with the cleaver catch frase See ya later alligater & the alligater jelly sweets ( very cute), i wish we were allowed to give sweets to Taylors kindy friends when he left, but due to allergies , the kindy requested non food iteams only, so we gave around 300stickers to suit girls/boys, as they use those alot for the kids to make their Birthday Cards.

    BTW i had a little tear reading about Maddy heading off to Kindy , because its such a MAJOR milestone for her, ( i cried leaving Taylor for the first day).

    Well done Penny

  2. Thank you for your lovely comments. I'm so glad you like our blog :)

    Maddys new Kindergarten doesn't allow food gifts either but I've got a few non-food gift ideas up my sleeve. Stickers are always a huge hit. Kids just love them!