September 12, 2013

Dr Bronners Hand Care

I have Mum hands - you know the kind - extremely dry skin, cracked knuckles, itchy, tight and raw from spending long hours in hot water, washing and cleaning, my right hand being far worse than my left.  I assumed it was something that came with the job and it would get better... at some point... in a few years maybe... or maybe not.  I've tried so many hand creams that promised to hydrate my skin but they have all fallen short on their promises.

It wasn't until a lady commented on how painful my hands looked that I realised how bad they actually were.  I started to Google things like "extremely dry hands" and "best ever hand cream" and one brand kept quietly appearing again and again, Dr Bronners Magic Soap.  The fact that it said "Magic" in its title might have sold me just a little bit.

It turns out that a fabulous Wellington based company called Rebalance stocks the Dr Bronners brand.

The range is pretty extensive and the packaging is pretty full on with text.  Check this out...

But a quick email to Kristy at Rebalance to advise me on the right products and I was quickly on the way to saving my skin.

I ordered the Baby Unscented Hand & Body Soap and the Baby Unscented Body Balm.

And I can gratefully and honestly say that they are magic!  My hands haven't felt so great in years!

Both products are certified organic and are Fair Trade.  And they are made using a range of natural oils and waxes, with no synthetic detergents and preservatives.

My sister in-law was told by a Dermatologist that liquid hand soap from the supermarket is actually the worst culprit for dry hands.  Who knew?  I mean, how many times a day do you wash your hands with liquid soap in packaging that promises to moisturise your hands?  So I switched to using the Hand & Body Soap and noticed a difference straight away.  The liquid is very thick and works in to a rich lather which feels glycerin like.  When washed off your hands feel very smooth and your skin feels supple.  Any minor dry patches are gone.  Compared to supermarket liquid soap which feels thin and jelly like without any rich lather and left my hands feeling squeaky and tight.  I never noticed until now that I have something to compare it to.

I was advised to only use the Body Balm on my hands a night as it is quite waxy.  After only one night my hands were at least 50% better.  I expected the dryness to reappear as my day progressed but nothing happened.  I've applied the Body Balm every night now for the last 5 nights and my hands have continued to improve everyday to the point where they are 95% healed and hydrated.  Yes!

I started to wonder how these products might help our little 8 month old Maisie who developed a mild dry eczema on her back and arms at around 5 months old plus the dribble rash on her chest from teething.  Another quick email to Kristy at Rebalance confirmed that these products are ideal for babies.  I used the a couple of drops of the Castile Liquid Soap as a wash in the bath and the Body Balm in the evening when she is getting in to her pajamas.  The results speak for themselves - the dribble rash on her chest has disappeared and her back and arms are significantly improved.  Amazing after only 2 days!

I am so delighted with the product and its results that Rebalance has offered a little giveaway to the Little Housewife readers.

The giveaway includes a 50ml bottle of Baby Mild Pure Castile Liquid Soap and a 14gm tin of Baby Mild Baby Balm.

To enter simply do one or more of the following:

1. Comment below on this blog post
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Each comment or share is one entry.  Do all three and get three entries. Easy Peazy :)  Please make sure you leave your email address if commenting on the blog post so I can contact you if you win.  Entries close on Monday 23 September at 5.00pm and the winner will be drawn on the same date at 8.00pm.  Good Luck x


  1. Oh this sounds perfect for us. With a little one in the house it is amazing how many times you wash your hands. Mine are looking dry and red by the end of the day.

  2. I would loooove some of this- I have busy mum hands lol

  3. My hands are starting to look like my Mum's so yes I'd love some. I've used Dr Bronners for a few years from making clothes washing liquid and LOVE it.

  4. This looks great! I have had pretty dry mum's hands lately too!

  5. i've tried everything on my hands, to no avail. currently using neutrogena foot cream! but i'm having to apply it constantly to keep the dryness and cracking at bay. thanks for the heads up x

  6. Ok, really need to get myself some of this! My fingers always have sore, itchy wide open cracks in them, and the cream from the doctors seem to work for only a week or so before they crack open again. Plus I love Rebalance and buy lots from them :)

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