September 19, 2013

Livie & Luca Shoes

I know I've mentioned it before on our Facebook page but I am head over heels in love with a range of shoes from America called Livie & Luca.  I purchased Madeline this pair of aqua and red Pio Pio shoes last year from Baby Vintage (I just love those two colours together) and have been a firm fan ever since.

So I was absolutely jumping up and down, over the moon to receive a courier this week with this pair of this seasons Livie & Luca Minnie shoes for Madeline to wear and me to review on our blog.  Aren't they gorgeous!  Thank you SO much Livie & Luca!

The photo doesn't even do them justice.  They are absolutely gorgeous!  As well as the whimsical designs and bold colours which I love, what really impresses me about these shoes is the materials, fit and quality.

They are made from the softest leather you can possibly imagine.  There are no hard edges and there is no need to break them in before they become comfortable.  They are so soft and malleable right from the start.  The top of the heel is particularly cushioned so there will be no rubbing causing painful blisters.  The soles are also well cushioned so little feet will tread lightly throughout their day.

As well as beautiful designs and excellent fit and quality, Livie & Luca pride themselves on "treading lightly to reduce their footprint on the planet" by using sustainable and ecofriendly practises in their manufacturing including using lead free leather and non-toxic glues.  It never occurred to me that shoes could have nasty toxins in them!

My favourite retailer for Livie & Luca shoes is Baby Vintage in Wellington.  They have an excellent selection of designs including these...

Livie & Luca Petal - These are my absolute favourite design!

Livie & Luca Nova- These remind me so much of Rainbow Brite!

Livie & Luca Minnie - The green version of the red ones Madeline is wearing

Livie & Luca Pio Pio - So whimsy.  Love that little bird detailing.

Livie & Luca Bernal - Gorgeous tartan for boys

Livie & Luca Barcelona - If we had a boy he would so be wearing these!

If you are interested in investing in a pair of excellent quality shoes for your child then these are for you.  They average around $89.00 a pair which is about the same as a pair of Bobux.  However, if you want to pick up a pair on sale, Baby Vintage are having a huge Facebook sale at the moment with some of last seasons designs going at great prices.  I grabbed a pair of the Livie & Luca Dawn Shoes for Madeline for only $48.00 (normal retail is $89.00).

You can also go in the draw to win a pair of Livie & Luca shoes your choice on the Baby Vintage Facebook Page.  The competition is drawn on Monday so head on over to enter x

Thank you so much again to Livie & Luca for the gorgeous Minnie shoes for Madeline.  They are beautiful and she looks forward to wearing them this summer x

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