September 16, 2013

Fairy Doors

We recently gutted and rennovated our playroom and are slowly starting to put it back together (photos coming soon).  One little detail which I've had tucked away in a cupboard waiting until now is a little Fairy Door from seriussparkl on

Standing just 18cm tall, I used industrial double sided tape to attach it to one of the playroom walls.

Each door comes with a little bottle of fairy dust and a laminated letter with a little information about the door and how it works - the main point being do not try and open the door.  Only the fairies can open the door and if the door breaks the fairies won't be able to come and visit - although hasn't stopped someone from trying!

Maddy noticed the door almost immediately the next morning.  I heard her in the playroom calling "Mumma come and look, Mumma come and look".  She has been absolutely besotted with the fairy door ever since.

She spent half an hour that morning outside carefully collecting a basket of petals, clover, sticks and leaves to leave for the fairies and another hour drawing pictures for them and practising writing her letter "M".

She spent the rest of the day checking to see if the fairies had visited and taken her gifts.

We had to keep reminding her that the fairies are very shy and only come out when no one is about or everyone is sleeping.  We heard her the next morning tiptoeing down the hallway to check her basket.  Her eyes almost popped out of her head when she saw they had indeed visited and left behind a special note and a little present (a Kinder Surprise Egg!)

She has left several more baskets of goodies for the fairies since then but the fairies are yet to visit again.  I think they might be planning on visiting again with a little treat on Thursday when someone finishes their first week at Kindergarten :)

The fairy door has also been an excellent tool for getting Madeline in bed faster a night - i.e. if you don't get in to bed then the fairies won't come :)

I have the fondest memories of writing to the fairies when I was little.  My Mum told me that they lived at the bottom of the garden by our white picket fence.  I would leave my letters to them on a chair in our living room and thats where they would leave their replies.  I remember I once even made them a swimming pool out of a Yogi Bear yoghurt container.  I'm sure my Mum and Dad still have my letters tucked away somewhere.  I hope Maddy and Maisie will have the same fond memories x

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  1. Oh this is so adorable Penny!!

    I love this Pink Fair Door, iv never seen or heard of anything like this before. But now you have shown yours, il have to look into it for our little girl.

    Love the story about Maddy leaving little surprises for the Faries, & her finding a note & a pressy.

    Your girls will definatly be growing up with beautiful happy childhood memories.

    Well done you !