October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013

I love all of the festivities that fall between October and the end of April and kick starting the celebrations is Halloween!

As per the last three years we went Trick or Treating at Nana and Grandads house the weekend before Halloween.  But this year we had a new little spooker with us celebrating her first Halloween - Maisie Mouse!

My parents had been in America a few weeks prior to Halloween so we had a few things sent to their hotel to bring back for us including this so so so cute mouse costume from Carters.

Maddy decided months ago that she wanted to be a clown.  I got this amazing clown costume from Dahlhart Lane on Etsy.

I made these little treat bags of candy corn, screme eggs and halloween M&Ms to give the girls cousins and grandparents.  The little gift tags were a free printable from Anders Ruff.

On Sunday we gave the girls their Halloween buckets.  It's just a little treat we like to do for the girls on fun holidays like Halloween, Easter and Valentines Day.  The personalised buckets are from Dotted Designs on Etsy.

In the buckets were some new Halloween stories including

Meg and Mog for Maddy - now a firm favourite!
And for Maisie - Where is baby's pumpkin? 

And in keeping with our holiday tradition, both of our girls also got Halloween pajamas plus Maddy got a little bit of Halloween candy because we don't let Maddy trick or treat as yet.

Earlier this week Maddy also did a little Halloween baking and cookie decorating which she loved.

For actual Halloween day, Madeline went off to Kindy in the sweetest little Halloween dress from Momi Boutique.

And Maisie is letting everyone know it is her first Halloween :)

This afternoon we're going to a neighbours house for a little Halloween party.  All the neighbourhood kids are going trick or treating afterwards but we're heading home to hand out candy.  I'm on the fence about trick or treating - I don't mind people coming to our place to trick or treat at all but I'm a little uncomfortable with her doing it.  I think she's too little so we go to Nana and Grandads house will have to do for now :)

I hope you all enjoyed the 31st of October - whether you enjoy Halloween or not x

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