December 21, 2013

Gingerbread Decorating Party 2013

We decided to have a little Gingerbread Decorating Party this year and invite a couple of Madeline's little Kindergarten friends for an end of year treat.  It was so fun!  The kids had a ball so we've decided to make it a little annual event.

I didn't have a whole lot of time to put it together so I had to grab what I could find from around our house.

I made the Gingerbread Decorating Party sign.  It was based on the sign I made for our North Pole Breakfast but I changed the colours a little.  The Gingerbread Man book is a vintage copy from the Junior Elf series - I love these books!

I made the Gingerbread Men and Gingerbread Trees using this old family recipe.  Each of the kids also had some chocolate milk in old glass milk bottles with a little blue polka dot paper straws.  I made a simple royal icing from egg whites and icing sugar which isn't too runny and dries well.

The smaller red plates were $9 for a set of 4 from K-Mart and the larger green rimmed plates were only $1 each on sale from Spotlight.

The Gingerbread Decorating Kits were small tackle boxes from the Storage Box.  I made the signs attached to each box.  Inside each box were jelly beans, Pebbles, cut up marshmallow twists, crushed candy canes and three different kinds of sprinkles.

I also made each of the kids an apron.  Kids aprons are SO expensive.  They were all around $40 each!  I wanted to make them but just didn't have time to sew them all from scratch.  So I purchased four Christmas tea towels in the 50% sale at Bed, Bath and Table.  I cut two corners off one short side of the tea towel and hemmed it.  Then I sewed on some Gingerbread Men grosgrain ribbon I already had to make the neck strap and waist tie.  And voila!  Easy kids aprons for less than $5 each.

The kids spent ages concentrating on their creations.

I gave each child a little red and white polka dot box ($2 for a set of 2 in The Warehouse Christmas sale) to take their goodies home in.  (I quickly baked some vanilla cupcakes this morning for them to decorate too).  Here are some of their creations.  So cute!

I didn't get any photos of the little adults table I set up but I made a Christmas tree from a triangle of brie and a stick of celery (I think I saw the idea on Pinterest).  Plus a big bowl of fresh berries and glasses of cold bubbles.

It was a very fun way to end our first year at Kindergarten.  Next year I'd love to make them mini Gingerbread Houses to decorate - but lets not get ahead of ourselves! x


  1. So cute, what an awesome idea! Totally going to get some cute tea-towel's to make some aprons :)

  2. Thanks for the lovely comment :) Finding cute tea towels was the hardest part. Wish mine had been a cuter print but I had to take what I could get :)