January 28, 2014

Valentines Day Books

Valentines Day is fast approaching and we enjoy celebrating this loving "holiday" with our girls.  One thing I like to do is get each of the girls a new book or two in the "holiday" theme to build on their little libraries.  They both love reading and I like to think that they will pass these books on to their own children one day.  Here is a list of great children's Valentines Day books which I came across when I was choosing some for my girls.  A lot of them are available at your local library too.

I got this one for Maisie (although it's a flap book and she is a serial flap ripper-offer!)
I got this one for Madeline.  She loves Maisy Mouse.  Might be something to do with her sister being called Maisie too :)
We love Doc McStuffins in our house.

I didn't get this one but this series is fantastic.  There is a "Night Before" book for every occasion you can think of.  We have "The Night Before Halloween" and Madeline absolutely loves it.  They are all cleverly written in the same rhyming pace as "The Night Before Christmas".

I got this one for Maisie too and it is seriously cute!  If you like Kawaii you'll love this.  Illustrated by famous Kawaii artist Joyce Wan.  The simple illustrations and bold colours are sure to interest little ones.

Another cute Kawaii book from Joyce Wan.

This is the other book I got for Madeline.  Sweet illustrations and rhyming verse.

This book is filled with press out, vintage style Valentines cards.  You'd be able to do some neat arts and crafts with them.

Be sure to let me know if I've overlooked any other great titles.  I'd love to hear about them :)


  1. I am new to your blog and have enjoyed reading through some of your last posts. We love books here as well and have a few you have posted.

  2. Hi Kelli. So glad you found us :) Thanks for your lovely comments. I popped over to check out your blog too - those wee love notes to your children are so sweet. My girls are still too little to read but I can't wait to do write them little notes and pop them in their lunch boxes when they start school x