February 6, 2014

Waitangi Day 2014

Happy Waitangi Day from our family to yours.  I hope you enjoyed a lovely day off.  We spent the morning at our local playground and the afternoon at my brothers house watching the kids play on the slip 'n' slide.  How very kiwi of us :)  For our international readers, Waitangi Day is a very significant day in New Zealand's history and is unofficially treated as our country's birthday.

I tried to get some photos of the girls holding little New Zealand flags in the morning but I'm still really slow trying to work out the manual settings on the camera - I needed a fast shutter speed but I didn't have a lot of natural light and argh!  It's all so confusing!  I found the hand held New Zealand flags on Trade Me for $1.50 each.

Here are some of the outtakes!

For dinner, I set up a little patriotic picnic in the backyard.

They had home made fish and chips with a little side bucket of carrots and celery plus watermelon on popsicle sticks.

I found the red, white and blue striped bowls at our local Countdown.  The little tin pails, stripy paper straws, polka dot napkins and New Zealand flag toothpicks were all from Look Sharp Store.  The red polka dot melamine cups (which are part of the girls normal dinnerware) were from Living & Giving.  The fabric covering the wooden crate was actually a tea towel I got in a fundraiser goodie bag that I had never used.

I got the polka dot trays in the clearance bin at The Warehouse for $1 each before Christmas.

This little chickadee loved the carrots and celery (although she only has two teeth so it wasn't easy!)  She also enjoyed taking alternate bites of hot chips and watermelon. Mmmmm...

For dessert, the girls had good old hokey pokey ice cream in waffle cones (I think waffle cones are so much nicer than regular ice cream cones).  Earlier in the day I used a pastry brush and painted the top third of each waffle cone with white chocolate melts and then spooned on red, white and blue sprinkles (from Look Sharp Store) on to them.  Such an easy way to spruce up a regular old waffle cone.

They loved it!  Check out the bruise on Maisie's forehead by the way!  She head butted our kitchen floor earlier in the week.  Ouch!

I had really wanted to do chocolate and sprinkle dipped strawberries as well but it's pretty late in the strawberry season and the only ones I could find were really small and the wrong side of ripe.

Image Credit All Recipes

After dinner Madeline danced around with a couple of sparklers, not that there was much to see as it was still light, but she was happy.  I really wanted to play Glo Stick Ring Toss with them but we'll have to save that for a winter game when it gets dark earlier.

Image Credit Momma Made It

That about covers it.  It was a really sweet way to spend the early evening with our girls to mark New Zealand's birthday x


  1. What lovely effort you went to for Waitangi Day. I never thought of putting watermelon in a stick, but it looks really fun, and those cones are just adorable! Xx

  2. Thank you :) I think kids love anything on a stick really :) x