June 24, 2014

Product Swap with Daisy Pink Cupcake - Part 2

Daisy from Daisy Pink Cupcake received my parcel a few days ago so I can finally show you want I sent all the way to Kentucky for our product swap...

I popped in two of my favourite New Zealand home and lifestyle magazines - NZ Life & Leisure and Your Home and Garden.  I always think it's really interesting to see how other people live.  One day when our home is finished (whenever that might be!) I would love it to feature in one of these magazines :)  This was by far the heaviest part of my 3kg parcel - magazines are so heavy!

Daisy wanted to try two make up brands you can't get in America - the Sleek i-Divine Ultra Mat Palette was from Beauty Bliss and Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer was from Countdown.  She was also interested in trying some new lipbalms so I got the Ecostore Beeswax Lipbalm and Skinfood Lipbalm both of which are made in New Zealand plus a tube of Lucas Papaw Cream which is one of my absolute favourites for dry skin.

Daisy is a Cath Kidston fan too (I can't believe its not in America!) so I also sent her this sweet Cath Kidston make up bag to pop her new supplies in.

In one of Daisy's first emails she mentioned she would love to try some new "chopsticks".  It turns out that it was meant to be "chapsticks" - haha - autocorrect fail!  I sent her some chopsticks anyway :)  How cute are they - pink gingham and polka dot!

I also sent a New Zealand wooden Jewellery Tree from Newbies.  I won one of these a wee while ago and it is such a sweet way to display your trinkets.  I thought her daughter might enjoy it as I'm sure she would have an impressive collection of her mummys clever creations.

And no parcel would be complete without some new sweets to try.  Every American friend we have ever had come to visit has fallen in love with Griffins Chit Chats and they've filled up their suitcases before leaving so I had to send some of those.  Apparently her son ate almost the whole packet before she had a chance to look at them so they were a winner.  I had to stop myself adding in Sultana Pasties and Mint Treats too!  And of course I had to send some Whittakers chocolate!  Whittakers Creamy Milk is beautiful and Whittakers Hokey Pokey is so kiwi.  Plus a bag of Pascall Pineapple Lumps with instructions to freeze them - my favourite way to eat them.

It seems that Daisy (and her kids) had a ball opening their parcel and loved all the goodies inside.  Yay!  I had a great time putting this together for Daisy and I absolutely adored everything she sent me too.  I'll definitely look forward to doing another product swap with another blogger again soon.


  1. Thanks Penny…..I was giggling when you mentioned about the "Chopstick…Chapstick" thing! This has been so much fun….and I've enjoyed learning more about your country!

  2. What a neat idea, this sounds like so much fun xx

  3. Gosh what a wonderful package! I'd have loved it too! A great swap is so much fun, isn't it!