July 3, 2014

Instagram - May and June 2014

Last month I took the plunge in to Instagram.  I had been ignoring it for as long as possible.  What with my blog, Facebook and Pinterest, it just seemed like too much admin to maintain yet another social media site.  But once I got started it turns outs that I LOVE IT!  And it definitely has a place in my blogging/social media - its such a great place to share what I'm up to day to day in between blog posts rather than filling up your Facebook feed with those images.

You can follow Little Housewife on Instragram by clicking here or searching our username littlehousewifelimited.  For those not on Instagram I thought I would do a monthly recap of photos here.  Enjoy x

1. I picked up a set of gorgeous Cath Kidston coffee mugs for only $7 each!
2. Magnetic spelling games on the fridge while I cook dinner
3. Our huge Camellia tree against the fresh autumn sky
4. Early morning frost at Kindergarten
5. Maddie started dance classes and LOVES it
6. "This is a picture of me and Daddy buying the Frozen DVD"
7. Landscaping injury - I slammed a brick down on my finger
8. Morning tea at Bloom Cupcakes
9. Pool coping stones grouted

10. Finally got around to watching "Saving Mr. Banks"
11. Another landscaping injury - I gouged my husbands car along a pallet of bricks
12. Fondant snowflakes
13. Frozen cupcakes for a bake sale at the Kindergarten disco
14. Maddie's first disco.  So fun!
15. I sent my first ever product swap off to Kentucky
16. Our new fish - Rosie and Flamingo
17. New fabric
18. Making pom poms

19. Maddie's first proper ballet bun (with hairspray) for her ballet class photos
20. Part of my product swap - a beautiful new necklace from Daisy Pink Wishes
21. Enrolling Maddie for primary school
22. White Chocolate M&M's.  So good!
24. Inquiry from the Tough Guy/Tough Gal Mud Run
25. More fabric :)
26. New pastel storage boxes from The Warehouse for the playroom
27. The middle of winter and we have strawberries growing in our vegetable garden???

28. Out to breakfast with my Mum and this cutie patootie
29. My favourite eggs benedict from Ben Gusto Cafe
30. Stationery supplies from Kikki-K
31. Someone was over the moon to be awarded dancer of the week
32. The middle of winter and I'm walking to Kindergarten pick up in a singlet???
33. Received our Black Box packed full of products
34. Hearty and delicious Pitango Solo for lunch
35. Fabulous morning at the Auckland Art & Craft Fair
36. At the advanced screening of Tinkerbell & the Pirate Fairy at Event Cinemas

And lots and lots and lots of smoothies :)

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  1. So many happenings! Love how bright and colourful it all is!