August 12, 2014

Running Songs Part 1

On Thursday night my friend Mel and I are doing the Puma Night Run in Auckland City.  I used to do a lot of organized running events with my sister.  At my peak my PB was 10kms in 62 minutes.  My sister is a great runner.  I am not.  I like the idea of running but I'm a group fitness gal at heart.  My dancing background has made me really motivated by music and with the right music I can keep pushing on a bit longer.  This will be my first organized running event since having children (apart from the Tough Guy Tough Gal Challenge), so I am going to need an awesome running playlist to keep my feet moving for the whole 5kms.

I have a really wide ranging taste in music but I'm going to need some real toe tapping songs to keep me upbeat, motivated and pounding the pavement.  Here is the running playlist I created last night.  Note: Yes, I also like 80's rock and yes, the Foo Fighters feature heavily.

Don't Stop Me Now - Queen

All My Life - Foo Fighters

Times Like These - Foo Fighters

Learn To Fly - Foo Fighters (Hilarious video clip!!!)

Best Of You - Foo Fighters

Good Times - INXS

Lay Down Your Guns - Jimmy Barnes

You Make My Dreams Come True - Hall & Oates

Chandelier - Sia

A Town Called Malice - The Jam (This one particularly makes me want to run after seeing it years ago on Billy Elliott)

(Here is the "A Town Called Malice" clip from Billy Elliott.  You can really feel the characters sheer frustration in this song and it always makes me want to get up and run.  Language Warning!!!  There is a fair bit of swearing before the songs starts!)

Anyway, back to my running playlist...

Black Parade - My Chemical Romance

That's 12 songs and 48 minutes of play time.  I better have finished before my play list does!  What do you like listening to when you exercise?  Can anyone recommend any other motivating running songs to add to my list? x

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