August 6, 2014

Instagram - July 2014

Where is this year going!  July just flew by!  Here is a peak at my day to day going ons in July on Instagram...

1. Fun with sparklers while practising using the slow shutter speed on my DSLR
2. Kale, pineapple, orange, goji berries, almond milk and flaxseed oil
3. Collecting arts, crafts and activities for the school holidays
4. Kale, orange, kiwifruit, pineapple, mixed berries, LSA and almond milk
5. Happy Independence Day
6. Using the skateboard ramp as a slide at Backdoor Surf
7. Love visiting the Coatesville Markets
8. Someone loves their ballerina balloon from Mr Ballonatrix at the Coatesville Markets
9. My favourite macaroons from Mactisserie at the Coatesville Markets

10. Pretty Pink Belle & Boo Party Hat from Little Housewife Custom Party Hats
11. Maddie flew through her Plunket B4 School Check
13. School holidays mean having to share my morning smoothies
14. Old Lolly Shop Treats.  I love that they still have the 1 and 2 cent coins in the mix
15. Listening to a "talking book" while baking
16. One mighty smoothie in the making
17. $4 Tulips from the grocery store were too good to pass

19. Our new Ikea Playroom Rug from My Flat Pack
20. Amazing ribbon selection at Ikes Emporium
21. Evening reading - love the new issue of Donna Hay Kids
22. Livie & Luca Winter 2015 Samples
23. Little Housewife and Kambrook Cake Pop Maker Giveaway
24. Seriously feeling the benefits of my daily morning smoothie
25. Hello Kitty Pink Hot Chocolate - a treat for Maddie on a chilly night
26. Writing my Cake Pop tutorial
27. My first PR Event - Kelloggs Breakfast at the Zoo.  Was awesome!

28. We had a ball at the Kelloggs Breakfast at the Zoo
29. My first ever tutorial - How to make and decorate simple cake pops
30. Maddie started her first independent swimming lessons
31. One of my favourite go to recipes - Rosemary, Lemon and Panko Stuffed Chicken
32. More fabric for my stash.  More inspiration for Little Housewife Custom Party Hats
33. Back to kindergarten afternoon treat - milkshakes using Lewis Road Creamery Milk
34. Too chilly to be out exercising... but I went anyway
35. Trying out a new trim for Little Housewife Custom Party Hats
36. My local beach.  We live in a beautiful country

37. I found the mother load!  The highly anticipated Whittakers 100's and 1000's Chocolate
38. I made the girls Super Hero Capes for a Super Hero Birthday Party
39. Roast Chicken and Kumera with Moroccan Couscous for dinner.  Recipe coming.
40. Love this colour!  Fresh orange, pineapple, kale, LSA and almond milk
41. A gorgeous thank you card from one of our Kambrook Cake Pop Maker winners
42. Using up the last of the fruit before food shopping - Granny smith apple, mandarin, kiwifruit, banana, avocado, oob mixed berries, LSA and coconut water
43. Tuna Fagioli.  Made from whole ingredients and is huge on flavour.  Delicious and healthy too.  Recipe coming.
44. Lemons from a hundred year old lemon tree
45. Spinach, granny smith apple, kiwifruit, oob mixed berries, flaxseed oil and coconut water


  1. Busy month! :) I always make the same kale/berry smoothie over and over again, but I'm getting a bit bored of it now - this has inspired me to try some different combinations. Would be interested in a post about your favourites. :)

  2. Hi Helen. That's a great idea. I'll pop a smoothie post together this week. I have lots of interesting info to share :)