September 10, 2014

Instagram - August 2014

Here's a recap of my day to day going ons in August on Instagram :)

1. New Lindt Hello Chocolate Bars.  The Strawberry Cheesecake was gorgeous.
2. Spring Daffodils from my husbands family farm.
3. Farm fresh, free range eggs - straight out from under the chickens on my husbands family farm. How beautiful are those duck egg blue chicken eggs? Just like duck eggs but laid by some Lavender Chickens which are oddly black feathered. Isn't nature amazing!
4. Experimenting with chia seeds in my smoothie this morning.
5. Fresh, warm blueberry muffins for morning tea.
6. And for lunch - warm, soft boiled egg sandwiches made using my free range, organic, straight out from under the chicken lavender eggs from my husbands family farm. It was a great food day :)
7. Love this little shadow box I just picked up at K-Mart. It's not what I went in for but for only $12 it will be perfect for all Maddie's special little trinkets.
8. Very exciting! I just ordered my first pair of cowboy boots! I really wanted a beaten up second hand pair but I have pretty small feet and couldn't find any in my size so I settled for a new distressed pair instead. Can't wait to break them in and wear them with some sundresses when it gets warmer
9. Arrived on my doorstep - Pana Chocolate from Little & Loved. Yum!

10. Picked up these gorgeous yellow and purple carrots from Farro.  I love variety and keeping the kids trying new things.
11. I tried the Frank Coffee Scrub in the shower after the gym. My skin feels amazing!
12. Tasty Pot Co Chicken & Leek Soup with hot buttered crumpets for a late lunch. Lovely :)
13. Something a little different today - Me and this awesome old suitcase have been pounding the pavement spreading the good word about the Livie & Luca winter range 2015.
14. 5 minutes until show time at Disney On Ice.
15. Disney On Ice was awesome!
16. That's two hours of ironing right there. So glad it's done. I sped through it with a glass of wine while watching The Castle.
17. It's a teepee kind of day at our place today :)
18. We've been hard at it all day. My clever husband built these new travertine entryway steps. And I finished grouting 300+ coping stones. We're making progress but we have oh such a long long way to go. In this tiny photo alone we still need to build a new gate, plaster those brick columns, install new pool fence and concrete. It's a mammoth job! Great steps though :)

20. I look forward to this every single morning :) Thank you to everyone who has commented or emailed me about my smoothies. As requested, there will be a blog post up early next week sharing some smoothie info and some of my smoothie favourite combinations. Now off to blend this jug of goodness :)
21. Sharing my morning smoothie with this cutie patootie ♥️
22. There hasn't been a lot of time for sewing or crafting around our place lately. But here are two little projects I did manage to make last month - Super Hero Capes and Dancing Ribbons.
23. Loving these little $2 finds this morning - chunky straws and mini wooden pegs.
24. Today's after Kindy activity - spelling with alphabet pasta :)
25. One of my new favourite side dishes is this scrumptious Broccoli Salad. Recipe to follow shortly.
26. Another new product on the shelves this week - Vanilla Shake M&Ms. Looking forward to trying these!
27. Today is the first of many Frozen birthday parties we have coming up over the next few months. This upcycled Frozen dress by Okee Dokee Kids is going to get put through its paces!

28. Dinner last night at Jambalaya Southern Kitchen.  Delicious :)
29. Yesterday's Frozen party had some lovely, unique ideas. Each of the girls was given a VIP pass to visit 4 different stations - Elsa Hair Braiding, Snowflake Face Painting, Nail Station and Crown Craft. As you can imagine, the girls adored everything :)
30. At Seedling for an amazing fun birthday party.
31. Thank you so much Sealord. Just came home to this amazing packed lunch of goodies for me and the family. Maisie had a ride in the Sealord Little Boat which you can win by shopping at New World.
32. Smoked fish pie, salmon cakes and mussel orzo salad. What a special lunch. Thank you Sealord.
33. On Monday 18 August, New World is launching the return of the New World Minis. In conjunction, Sealord is embracing all things by giving away two miniature replica fully functional Little Boats. To enter simply purchase any Sealord product from New World and swipe your Fly Buys card. That's it. Wouldn't your little boaties love this over summer! Entries close on 18 September. Good luck and thank you again Sealord.
34. Last month The Bubbalino Kitchen and her gorgeous littles came to visit us. I whipped up this old family recipe for morning tea - Carrot Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Icing. They are beautifully moist and best eaten with a fork.
35. New World Little Shop Accessory Range.
36. The only New World Little Shop Accessory I purchased was the Collectibles Case. I think it's a great idea. The lovely lady in front of us gave us her minis which was so nice of her so we are 6 minis in to the 50 piece collection.
37. It's official! I spend way too much time at Look Sharp Store.
38. {BLOG POST} 16 months ago the lovely Rachael from Made from Scratch kindly gave me permission to share her beautiful Lemon Loaf recipe. Here it is (finally!).

39. The kale for today's smoothie comes courtesy of the vegetable patch in the backyard. Yay for home grown.
40. One of today's tedious jobs but the OCD in me quite likes it :)
41. Today's tedious job number 2 - filling this hard fill skip bin. I missed going to the gym the last 2 nights because Maisie has been unwell but this well and truly made up for it.
42. This is a giveaway that has been a year in the planning - I finally found the last book in this absolutely sensational autobiographical series.
43. Loving my new General Eclectic smoothie mason jar. A lovely surprise yesterday from my big sister.
44. 30 metres. 3x5 litre buckets of vintage black bean. 2 coats front and back. Another tedious job complete. That was my weekend.
45. The fairies are alive and well in Smiths Bush. Stumbled upon this fairy grotto in a hole in a tree on our bush walk this morning. Maddie was absolutely delighted!
46. First time cooking with Quinoa tonight.
47. We're quinoa converts! This Black Bean and Quinoa Enchilada Bake from Two Peas and Their Pod was a delicious starting point to see how we all liked it. It was a huge success with everyone including the kids. I can see I will easily be swapping rice for quinoa from here on in.

48. We bought this Ikea day bed from My Flat Pack for our girls playroom the same day that we bought the Ikea polka dot button rug that everyone loved so much. It's one of my favourite pieces of furniture in our house. It still needs a proper quilt (I'm eyeing up an Oobi Baby patchwork one) and I need to make a whole lot of cushions. This is where I'll be spending the next quite hour writing before kindergarten pick up and the afternoons activities begin :)
49. Just received a New World Little Shop limited edition gold Anchor milk bottle in the mail. Love it :) But there's no space for it in the New World Little Shop collectors case. I can feel the OCD in me niggling away.
50. Experimenting with adding fresh herbs from our veggie garden in today's green smoothie. Delish!
51. I should rename Friday "New Product Friday". I seem to share a new product each Friday when I get home from grocery shopping (usually lollies!) This week - Limited Edition Red Velvet Tim Tams. Looking forward to saming these tonight! Also got some Coconut Flour to try out :)
52. Today's Green Smoothie - Mango, Banana, Kale, LSA and Coconut Water. So good!
53. I'm loving the pineapple and flamingo that's trending at the moment. I lived in Hawaii when I finished University which is in many ways a place that time forgot. There are so many places which haven't changed since the 50's, 60's and 70's. That plus the slow pace of life make it one of my favourite places on earth. I picked up this retro pineapple jar today at K-Mart for only $12. At that price we grabbed a white and teal one too.
54. Here's the teal K-Mart Pineapple. Goes wonderfully with my candlesticks. Love my Grandads Soda Syphon in the background. Now where to put the white pineapple? Kitchen I think.
55. Enjoying a fabulous afternoon with my whole family at the Catalina Cafe in Hobsonville Point. Beautiful food and the 1940s theme is right up my alley.
56. Picked up some Love Fudge at the Catalina Cafe. Going to sample tonight while I continue watching Foyle's War.

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