October 15, 2014

Instagram - September 2014

Here's a snap shot of the behind the scenes goings-on of Little Housewife on Instagram in September 2014:

2. One of my favourite recipe books ever - Edmonds Cookery Book.  It's never put me wrong on the basics.
3. Cooling on the wire rack - Edmonds Cookery Book Afghans
4. Showing Megan at Mousehouse why wall decals were not a good idea in Maddie's bedroom
5. Vacuuming in my new cowboy boots.  Trying to break them in before summer
6. Puma Night Run.  I ran the whole 5kms in 32 minutes without stopping.  So proud!
7. My number from the Puma Night Run
8. Making daisy chains with Maddie
9. IMO one of the nicest feelings is getting in to clean sheets at the end of the day.  Loving Maddie's set up of bright colours, polka dots and flowers.

10. I love the Fairy Grotto Maddie built in the backyard
11. I picked up this sweet water colour set at Seedling. Love the bright colour palette! Maddie has had a ball with this. It's relatively mess free too which is always a plus
15. Maddie is really interested in this little old Junior Elf Jack and the Beanstalk book so we planted some bean seeds to see if we can reach the giant in the clouds
16. Picked up some more soft storage baskets from Wallace Cotton for the girls playroom. They are perfect for toy storage and easy for cleaning up
17. Aaawww... Cute! Madeline's first ever school (Kindy) photo. The first of many more to come
18. My girls just love watering the garden. I found these cute soft spray bottles at the $2 Store today. Hopefully it might help save some of our plants from drowning

19. [NEW PRODUCT] Nestle Milky Bar with Smarties. Reminds me of the Snoopy Bars you could get when I was little
20. Loved browsing our local Japanese homeware store today and grabbing these colourful goodies. Almost everything is $3.50 or 3 for $10
21. Visiting Auckland Museum
22. Totally random - we were getting the girls in the car after visiting Auckland Museum and a lady pulled up next to me, rolled down her passenger window and handed me a bunch of red roses. I asked her what they were for and she just smiled, said enjoy and drove away. Random act of kindness or apology flowers that she didn't want?
23. Quickly whipped up these mini vegetable muffins during nap time today to pop in the freezer for easy lunch box fillers
24. Laying mesh so the concreter can start
25. A good afternoon for a blustery walk at the beach
26. Whenever we visit the beach we all pick up as much rubbish as we can see. The girls think it's a great game. As well as the usual plastic that washes up, this day we also found a tennis ball, a golf ball and a rubber crab. Not cool! I challenge you to make it a habit to pick up 10 pieces of rubbish next time you visit the beach
27. Passed out with her Cuski over her eyes and her Corolle Baby on her chest. She's had a busy morning

28.  My girls LOVE playing with their babies so I sewed up a few dolly nappies from fabric scraps and an old white spill cloth. I think they turned out really cute
29. Four little fleecy lined dolly nappies for the girls. They are so teeny! They were really fun to make and only took about 10 minutes each from start to finish
30. Little Housewife Custom Cookbooks
31. Homegrown kale, spinach and parsley for our green smoothies
32. Little Housewife Green Smoothie Guide
33. Busy day = late lunch. My husband doesn't understand how I can eat this toast combo but it is SO good - toasted soy & sandwich Burgen Bread with 100 Percent Nutz Natural Crunchy Peanut Butter, sliced tomato and salt & pepper. So good!
34. Making yoghurt drops
35. Blueberry Face! Those big fat tears are because she just ate the last Oob Organic Blueberry and she wants more
36. Todays Green Smoothie - fresh pineapple, orange, blueberries, banana, kale, spinach, Italian parsley, flaxseed oil and coconut water

37. [HAPPY MAIL DAYLivie & Luca shoes from the spring 2014 collection for my girls. Love!
38. One of my favourite dinners ever - smoked salmon, little housewife's best ever asparagus, avocado, tomato and red onion. So fresh and so delicious
39. Yes I voted. Did you?
40. [NEW PRODUCT} Trying out a free sample of Scotch-Brite Stay Clean Scrubbing Dish Cloths
41. Little Housewife Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies
42. A delivery of goodies from Pop Roc Parties
43. Experimental gluten free baking with Avalanche Coconut Flour
44. [HOT TIP] I ran out of icing sugar so I whizzed up some caster sugar in my mini Braun food processor. It worked a treat. Problem solved.
45. I don't want to hear anyone say there's no food in the house! I can not BELIEVE how much that just cost!

46. Today's Green Smoothie: -fresh orange & banana, home grown kale, spinach & parsley, a medjool date, brazil nuts, flaxseed oil and coconut water.
47. I'm enjoying a late lunch of beetroot, salmon, feta, fresh squeezed lemon and cracked pepper while soaking up some vitamin D
48. The girls are in bed, the dishes are done and I'm sitting down with a glass of Lindauer Summer to watch Chef.  Lovely :)
49. Exploring Bethells Beach
50. I'm not going to hide it - I'm pretty excited to see Christmas decor hitting the stores already.  Spotlight already has an entire aisle dedicated to it.
51. Picking up a seafood extravaganza for dinner at the Auckland Fish Markets
52. Enjoying a lovely afternoon birthday party at the magical Ivy Cottage. A truly enchanting place which is alive with fairies
53. Sorting through Maddie's term 3 Kindergarten artwork
54. 4 year old Kindergarten artwork

55. Post swimming lesson brunch at Fernielea Cafe in Coatseville. Beautiful food and awesomely kid friendly
56. Bake with Monty.  Free school holiday cupcake decorating at Westfield
57. 52 Week Savings Challenge
58. Backyard veggie patch weeded, planted and feed. This months new additions include roma and cherry tomatoes, more kale, spinach, lettuce and parsley. Big thanks to my big girl who helped me while my little girl napped ♥️
59. Nothing like using up last nights topside roast for Shepherds Pie with Creamy Kumera Mash for dinner tonight
60. [HAPPY MAIL DAY] So excited! I won this darling flower garland from Sew Lou-Lou
61. Thank you so much again Sew Lou-Lou for the beautiful flower garland. It matches Maisie's roman blinds beautifully xxx

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