November 6, 2014

Hand Made Advent Calendar Ideas


Yesterday I posted some of my favourite store bought advent calendars that are available this Christmas.  But if store bought isn't your thing, there are heaps of amazing handmade ideas out there.  There is a little under 4 weeks until the beginning of Christmas so there is still plenty of time to make one.  Here are some of my favourite handmade advent calendars.

You can get some gorgeous polka dot paper bags and number stickers from the $2 Store to recreate this advent calendar cheaply.

Brown Paper Package Advent Calendars

This is a really cute idea.  Pop wee treats in to a cupcake or muffin tin and cover with circle of paper with numbers.  So cute!

I think mini milk cartons are super sweet.  Love this idea!

This is a gorgeous way to dress up some simple paper cups.  The cute (and free) Santa printables are available at the link above.

I love this one!  I'd love to make one of these one year.

I love the simplicity of this design.

Love this idea too.  The kids can choose a new decoration to hang on the Christmas tree each night.  Or they could have their own mini Christmas tree to decorate.  It could also become a family tradition for everyone to choose a new decoration each year too.

If you don't like the idea of giving a little treat each day then you might like this idea.  Draw and cut out a big Santa face, divide the beard in to 24 horizontal sections and cut off a strip each day.  When the beard is all gone, its Christmas.

I hope you've seen some ideas there you might like to try.  Next week I'll be sharing a post with a whole heap of ideas on what to put inside your advent calendars x

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