November 4, 2014

Halloween 2014


To wrap up our Halloween celebrations (and before I get started on my Christmas posts!!!) here is what we got up to this year.

On Hallows Eve, we gave the girls our traditional Halloween baskets.


Each basket included some little Halloween treats like bubbles and stickers.  They girls also got some new Halloween books.  Maisie got Mouse's First Halloween

Maddie got Winnie the Witch (a favourite of mine when I was little)

But the thing they loved most of all were these silly little rubber pumpkins and ghosts which flash when you bang them on something.  They were only $2 each and I very nearly didn't get them.  Go figure!

They also got their traditional Halloween pyjamas!

For Halloween day for girls wore some cute Halloween dresses.  Maddie's was the same one she wore last year and Maisie's little Jack O' Lantern Pinafore was Maddie's from three years ago.  (They're still holding on to those flashing pumpkins and ghosts!)

I made Maddie a little Halloween themed lunch to take to Kindergarten.  Pumpkin shaped sandwiches, a pumpkin cupcake, a fruit bar with googly eyes iced on, kiwifruit with Halloween sprinkles and carrot sticks.

In the afternoon the girls got dressed in their costumes.  Maddie was a fairy.  The fabric for the costume I wanted to make her didn't arrive in time so she had to wear this.  It was a tad big for her but it did the job and she loved it.

And Maisie was an owl.  I can't believe how much she has grown since last Halloween!

Maisie - Halloween 2014

Maisie - Halloween 2013

We went to our neighbours house for a little Halloween get together.  I took some Mummy Oreo Pops that I made for the kids.

I finally got to try one and they were really good!  Simple instructions on how to make them here.

And then for the first time EVER we went trick or treating with the neighbourhood kids.  I have never been trick or treating before in my life.  I couldn't believe how many kids were out with their parents.  And everyone in our street were fabulous and so nice to the kids.  Those who wanted to participate made sure they had something Halloweenish in their front yard so we knew it was ok to visit.  We only visited 6 or 7 houses and whilst I still felt awkward (and ever so slightly scabby) everyone was so lovely and it was a great way to meet so many neighbours further down our street that we probably wouldn't have met otherwise.

Well that's about it.  I hope you all enjoyed you Halloween celebrations too x

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