November 30, 2014

Instagram - October 2014

Here is a peak in to the behind the scenes goings on of Little Housewife in October 2014...

1. School Holiday Dance Class
2. At the beach sharing her blueberry muffin with her little sister that we baked at lunch time
3. Original Don Featherstone Pink Flamingos for our front yard
4. School holiday arts and crafts. I've been playing round with some Plaster of Paris and some 50 cent silicone cake moulds I picked up at The Warehouse
6. Aaawww... They held hands all the way to the supermarket
7. Happy Mail Day - Thank you for my delivery Hello Hair. I know what I'll be doing tonight.  My sun bleached and salty air damaged hair is looking forward to feeling "hydrated and revitalized"
8. Beautiful morning for exploring rock pools. As well as all the usual plastic, in today's rubbish collection was the head of a spade, an old Nokia cellphone and the broken end of an olive oil bottle - all of which had been in the ocean for quite some time. We challenge you to pick up 10 pieces of rubbish next time you visit the beach
9. Just picked up these adorable party supplies for my stash from Kmart. Only $3 each!

10. I covered two old clipboards with fabric this afternoon - one is for bills (got to pretty up paying those suckers somehow) and the other for the girls Kindy/Creche notices, birthday invitations etc.  Going to hang them inside the pantry door
11. I had to forego my breakfast this morning due to an early holiday swimming lesson for Maddie. But I'm making up for it now. Today's green smoothie is fresh orange & pineapple, homegrown kale & parsley, medjool dates, flaxseed oil and coconut water. And that delicious salad is a combo of leftovers from last nights BBQ - broccoli salad, healthy slaw, beetroot and feta. I'm in lunch heaven!
12. Last month I shared my custom cookbooks on here. There was a lot of interest in them so I thought I would share a little more information about them on my blog
13. This is cupboard number one of my parties supplies. It needs a major tidy up but I love all that colour. I smile every time I open the doors
14. I never thought I'd be so happy to see a concrete truck.
15. Poor concreters have a captive audience. No pressure or anything!
16. Tonight was supposed to be my first ever Bloggers Club but my husband got home too late from work for me to go but I did fit an hour of Body Attack and CXWorx instead.
17. Feeding the lambies on my husbands family farm.  This beautiful wee girl is called Mary. Her mother rejected her and is being bottle fed for survival
18. Lamb love

19. The girls and I have a busy morning of bottle feeding lambs ahead of us so we're having a powerhouse green smoothie before we head off to my husbands family farm - fresh orange, granny smith apple, banana & kiwifruit, homegrown kale & parsley, frozen strawberries & boysenberries, chia seeds, flaxseed oil and almond milk
20. I am totally a group fitness gal. I find exercising with other people so motivating. But I loved the Puma Night Run I did last month so much that tonight I did my first solo run around my neighborhood. I was surprised how well it went. I've come a long way since starting back at the gym in June. It keeps surprising me how much stronger I've become. Not strong but stronger
21. Some of our beautiful bounty from the farm yesterday. Lavender and brown speckled eggs that Maddie got out from under the chickens. They were so beautifully warm. And a huge bowl of enormous French limes
22. Still a fair bit to do but we are well and truly over the hardest parts
23. Polka Dot Cookies. The perfect afternoon tea for the 6 little girls visiting us today
24. Six dozen little short crust pastry cases cooling
25. Cheeky late night dessert - homemade short crust pastry, Puhio Valley Lemon Delicious and fresh strawberries. Amazingly simple and delicious
26. Love this!
27. I am North Shore born and bred. I'm spending some quality time with my dad this afternoon at the Auckland Heritage Festival "Memories of Milford" exhibition which is where he grew up

28. Came across a photo at the "Memories of Milford" exhibition of Milford Beach by famous landscape photographer Henry Winkelmann. He also happens to be my Great Great Uncle
29. Finishing off the day with a little bit of garden pot shopping
30. Aaaaaand... we're done! Phew! Finding that last Friskies was a bit of mission but we finally got there
31. This purpley black concoction of goodness would be perfect to make on Halloween. Fresh orange & pineapple, home grown kale & parsley, a huge handful of Oob frozen blueberries, Ceres Organics LSA and coconut water. Yummo!
32. These mini polka dot mason jars from Pop Roc Parties are totally adorable!
33. I've been spring cleaning our house since yesterday morning. I've turned nearly the whole place upside down and it smells and feels amazing! I remembered I had this metal tray (which is actually the lid to my peg basket) which has converted to a perfect under bench storage caddy for my kitchen cleaning supplies. Love it!  It would also seem I have a thing for Earthwise products.
34. Stepping out to Kindergarten in her Saltwater Sandals
35. Tulle shopping a Ikes Emporium. Who knew there would be so many colours to choose from!
36. My mint patch is growing like crazy at the moment so I thought I'd add some to my green smoothie this morning. Woah! It is so refreshing! Today's green smoothie is fresh orange, kiwifruit & granny smith apple, homegrown kale, parsley & mint, frozen mixed berries, flaxseed oil and coconut oil

37. Downton Abbey - That was outstanding as expected
38. The girls and I are looking so forward to playing with Sodastream this morning
39. What an awesome event for kids. Having a ball playing with Sodastream at Inflatable World
40. Holy moly Sodastream! Thank you so much for the amazing event at Inflatable World today plus the amazing goodies you sent home with us!
41. Coco and Ginger is now available in store in New Zealand. The lovely Alisha from Sunkissed
42. My friendly courier just delivered this stunning box of Cath Kidston goodies which are Christmas presents for my girls.
43. What an amazing day! This just tops things off! Was just sitting down with a wine when the courier driver dropped off my chilled Black Box.
44. You've outdone yourselves Sample Co! This all looks sensational! Looking forward to sampling and reviewing all of these amazing products.
45. My first Saturday morning run. Somehow I ran a whole km further than last time. Maybe it's because Runtastic stopped telling me how far I had gone after 2kms. Might need to update to Runtastic Pro.

46. It's a miserable night out there tonight so I'm all snuggled up in the girls play room indulging in a glass of wine and a "rom com"
47. Picked up some lovely Halloween goodies on my travels this weekend
48. Here's my favourite go to Sugar Cookie recipe for icing cookies. It's so simple, doesn't require chilling before rolling out and holds its shape perfectly.  Special thanks to In Katrina's Kitchen for kindly letting me share this recipe
49. Amazingly simple and refreshing combo today - fresh pineapple & strawberries, home grown kale and mint, LSA and coconut water. Lovely
50. Nothing like finding a big red box on your doorstep.  We'll look forward to sampling the new Arnotts Light & Crispy Shapes with family and friends over the long labour weekend. Thank you Arnotts x
51. I went a bit mad buying lunch supplies in the Bubbalooz spring sale. Luckily the sale was so good that this amazing lot of goodies didn't cost too much at all. I absolutely love Rice and have been wanting to try out the Goodbyn range for a while too. Very happy
52. Did you know that Hello Kitty turns 40 this year? I loved her when I was little and my girls love her too
53. Curried Chickpeas for lunch.  Absolutely delicious! Amazing recipe from SugarFreeKiwi
54. We're Halloween crafting this afternoon - toilet roll pumpkin stamping

55. I love Hydrangeas! I also love this white planter I picked up at Spotlight today for only $5.99! They had them in yellow, teal and lime too.
56. "You can't beat a Trumpet". The limited edition mint Trumpet (my favourite!) is back!
57. Saturday morning family green smoothies
58. Buying some veggie seedlings at the garden centre and spotted Wallace Cottons car. Absolutely love it!
59. Spending the afternoon tying up some odds and end in our front yard. We finally have the use of our front door again and we found fossil of a snail in the stone entry way. So cool!
60. Cutting Christmas fabric on the kitchen floor = uncomfortable and awkward but excited to be sewing
61. Perfect morning for a run.  Not as fast as last time but I conquered 3 huge hills without stopping.  I was really into it by the 3rd km. I also ran with a Hello Hair treatment in my hair.
62. I always seem to run in time to whatever song I'm listening too. I'm a little worried I might look like this #prancerise

63. Sewing red ric rac on some Christmas craft
64. I spied some limited release Christmas Spiced Ginger Beer from Bundaberg with cinnamon and cloves at the supermarket today. Mmm...
65. Halloween Baking Day.  First up, Mummy Oreo Pops
66. Putting together my girls Halloween baskets while my next lot of Halloween baking cools.
67. Halloween Cake Shooters
68. And finally Pumpkin Cupcakes for the Kindergarten Teachers
69. I did a whole heap of Halloween baking yesterday. The Mummy Oreo Pops were my favourite. They're pretty easy to make but look really effective. I put some simple step-by-step instructions together on my blog to make your own.
70. Grown up Halloween treats
71. Just found this little bubba under my pillow

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