December 31, 2015

Instagram - December 2014

Here is a peak in to the behind the scenes goings on of Little Housewife in December 2014...

2. Loving Maisie's Cotton On Kids Tee. Reminds me of one of my favourite artists Helen Dardik
3. Vita Coco Coconut Water Christmas Giveaway
4. My Little Love Bird Photo Vignette Challenge.  First up - Sparkly!
5. [BLOG POST] Little Housewife Open Spicy Chicken Burgers
6. Another lovely evening for a run and another PB. The damn wind made it heavy going in parts.  I honestly believe good music is key to a successful run. Tonight I added Bonnie Tyler's "Holding Out for a Hero" to my running playlist
7. At Junk and Disorderly (again!) and I spy giant ice cream containers!!! 😍😍😍 I'm thinking these might be ideal for Lego Friends storage.
8. Little Housewife North Pole Breakfast 2014
9. Parent help at the Auckland Stardome Observatory

10. Gingerbread production line
11. Loving this vintage inspired glass Christmas decoration I spied at Martha's today πŸ’• For only $8 there was no way it wasn't coming home with me!
12. Maisie Boo is looking pretty cute today! I πŸ’• handmade! This dress is one of my favourites. Look at those colours πŸ’— It has been so lovingly and beautifully handmade - no idea by who though
13. Nothing like a cheeky 4.5km run on a Friday night πŸ˜„ I forgot to turn Map My Run on at the start so it was actually more like 5kms but who's counting
14. I just chose the bubbles for a pre-Christmas shindig based purely on these polka dot labels.  Yum Jacobs Creek Mascato!
15. My NZ Post Secret Santa about to be wrapped up and sent on its way. A Rebel Sport voucher, energy gel, energy chews and a protein bar (and a curly candy cane to keep it festive). I hope this multisportsman enjoys his treats. Ho ho ho!
16. Not what I went in to buy at all but this set of "That's not my" Christmas books is half price at Briscoes. Normally $69.99 but on sale for $34.99. These books are fabulous for babies and toddlers and at that price they make a fantastic Christmas present
17. Gingerbread house panels. This is the roof. I'm genuinely worried it might collapse under the weight of sweets!
18. This time two years ago I had a little bubba in my tum (due out on New Years Eve of all dates!) and I won this beautiful "BABY" ornament from Mud Bird Ceramics πŸ’• I loved it so much that I ordered a "MADELINE" one too 😊 Our Elf Ice Cream loves them too because that's where that's where we found him hiding this morning

19. Mini Gingerbread Houses πŸ’• All ready to be decorated this afternoon.
20. Gingerbread house decorating kits
21. Special Christmas Clothes πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• We've gotten some mileage out of Maddie's dress - she's been wearing it since she was 2! Think this will be the last year though before it gets handed on to Maisie. And Maisie's was a dress on her last year which now fits as a top!
22. A Christmas gift for the girls fabulous swimming teachers this morning - a macadamia nut hair treatment (and a curly candy cane)
24. It's the most wonderful time of the year.  Sign from Bed Bath N Table.
25. Hello Summer Fruit πŸπŸ‰πŸ“ Today's green smoothie is homegrown baby spinach & parsley, fresh pineapple, watermelon & strawberries, #ceres LSA and coconut water. Sensational!
26. This special delivery couldn't have been a more appropriately timed. I've been fed up with all the standard sunscreens on the market for a while now - too many chemicals, too greasy, they stain the girls clothes and many sting your eyes... so I'm super happy to try out Skinnies Sungel which is designed in New Zealand (yay for local!), manufactured in Australia, isn't white or greasy and is paraben and preservative free
27. Little Housewife December Custom Party Hat Giveaway

28. How cute are Maisie's strawberry Vans!
29. Ice Cream the Elf bought some treats back with him from the North Pole last night
30. Thank you so much Little & Loved and CamelBak for the amazing prize - a family set of CamelBak drink bottles! I am so over the moon! I've wanted to try these for ages. Look at those gorgeous kids summer fruit designs!
31. It's finally mine 😍 Oobi quilt from Ragamuffins on the day bed in our playroom
32. Making a Pav
33. Christmas Marshmallow Kebobs for the kids at tonight's annual Christmas shindig
34. Very traditional Pav. Very old family recipe. Never fails to be delicious
35. Homemade Sweet Short Crust Pastry with Puhio Valley Lemon Delicious with fresh Strawberries
36. Christmas Fruit Slice

37. It's that time - Love Actually
38. Two firsts for Maddie tonight - She is dancing in her very first ballet recital (to the "Dance of the Hours" no less!) and she is receiving her very first bouquet of flowers
39. We got this book out from our local library and Maddie loved it so much that I've bought her a copy as a Christmas gift - In the Garden - Explore & Discover the New Zealand backyard by Ned Barraud and Gillian Candler
40. I love taking my girls to the theatre and there is a very cool show coming to Auckland's Bruce Mason Theatre and Christchurch's Issac Theatre Royal in March 2015 - Sesame Street Presents Elmo's World Tour!
41. Introducing Baileys Chocolat Lux! Real Belgian Chocolate awoken by the spirit of Baileys Original Irish Cream. Doesn't that sound so decadent and totally amazing! Find me someone who wouldn't love this. I'm itching to try it over some vanilla bean ice cream
42. Loving my upcycled kitchen stool from Fine & Dandy in Tauranga. The perfect size for the girls to help at the kitchen bench
43. Wholey Moley! So thrilled to be sent this amazing Yonanas Machine to play with over summer! This clever machine turns frozen fruit into soft serve! Nothing but fruit!
44. Last Christmas gift just arrived on the courier for my Miffy loving Maisie
45. My Random Act of Christmas Kindness - a little gift for my weekly Supermarket Check Out Operator and her daughters. I seem to get the same lady every week and she is so sweet. She works long days including one day in the weekend which means she misses out on a lot of time with her two little girls who are around the same ages as mine. Makes me truly appreciate how lucky I am to stay at home with my girls.

46. What a lucky girl I am! I just found the entire range of Fresh As Freeze Dried Fruit Powders, Fruit Segments and Whole Fruits sitting on my doorstep with brand new recipe cards designed by Julie Le Clerc. They all look amazing! I'll definitely be trying the Passionfruit Melting Moments first! I'm going to have a lot of fun playing around with these this summer. Watch this space in 2015 as there might just be a giveaway coming your way too. Thank you so much Fresh As!
47. Eeeeeeeeeee!!! My Christmas present from my husband just arrived! I am so damn excited right now!
48. Arrived in the mail today! I forgot these would be coming. Going to hide them on their pillowcases to open at bedtime.  NZ Post Letters from Santa!
49. Off in her pjs (and raincoat, gumboots and umbrella) with her daddy to check out the neighbourhood Christmas lights
50. Watching Tangiwai while I do the ironing. Such an important New Zealand story to remember at this time of year. Friends of my grandparents were supposed to be on this train but were late and ended up taking a later train. Such a beautiful and sad story.
51. Ooooooo a huge tin of homemade Christmas baking from my MIL who is an amazing cook
52. Such a stunning day!  My husband is now on holiday and we spent all morning at the beach.  Now time for a spot of decor painting
53. Decor DIY Complete πŸ’• I did a set for each of my daughters. They turned out super cute πŸ’• Now to fill them up
54. I love my colourful Dahlias!

55. New lights in the girls bedrooms. Mint for Maddie
56. Lemon for Maisie
57. My new Florence Broadhurst Cockatoo Sun Umbrella πŸ’• with a tasseled fringe no less
58. He's been!
59. I have coveted these for years and they are now hanging in my dining room πŸ’• Mrs Peacock
60. And Mr Hare
61. Life is a mirror.  If you frown at it, it frowns back.  If you smile at it, it returns the greeting.  Wise words from Good Magazine.
62. My view
63. Late afternoon strawberry picking with my loves

64. Our yield - all 5.2kgs of it πŸ“ Plenty to eat fresh, bake with and freeze for my green smoothies
65. De-hulling strawberries in to the freezer as fast as I can so I can watch Call the Midwife Christmas Special
66. I grew these
Brilliant morning at Butterfly Creek. Girls loved the butterflies and were terrified of the dinosaurs. They had a sweet hands on petting zoo too! Maisie fell in love with a duck called Harold πŸ˜„ Loving every moment of our summer holidays πŸ’•☀️
67. Embracing all the summer fruit πŸ’πŸ‰πŸ“πŸ‘πŸŒπŸ Loving that colour too πŸ’•
68. Perfection ☀️πŸ’•☀️
69. Watching one of my favourite movies while tackling the ironing (with a glass of wine!) Can't wait until the girls are old enough to enjoy these movies with me
70. Child free day.  Lunch at The Flying Burrito Brothers.
71. I πŸ’• Typo

72. Flamingo Light Garland πŸ’• Another awesome find from the Typo bargain table
73. I shopped the 40% off fabric sale at Spotlight this afternoon
74. Kids New Years Eve/Summer Holiday Entertainment - giant coloring in poster from Kmart
75. Farewell 2014

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