January 31, 2016

Instagram - January 2015

Here is a peak in to the behind the scenes goings on of Little Housewife in January 2015...

1. There are a lot of great things from 2014 that I'll be continuing in 2015. One of those things is my daily green smoothie for breakfast. Today's green smoothie is a mixture of odds and ends that needed using up before we restock tomorrow - fresh banana, peach, orange, strawberries, raspberries & boysenberries, homegrown kale & parsley, chia seeds, LSA and coconut water.  Delicious, nutritious plus an easy to eat breakfast for our little patient with the split and swollen lips.
2. Nothing like hanging a little Greg Straight artwork to start the new year.
3. Sweet, cool summer treats on this beautiful hot and sunny New Year's Day afternoon.  I tried out our Yonanas machine for the first time and it is SENSATIONAL!!! All that's in this is frozen banana, strawberries and pineapple and it is totally delicious. Very excited about this new gadget.
4. First Little Housewife Custom Party Hat of 2015 on the courier. Happy 3rd Birthday to a little girl who loves pink and playing with her dollies.
5. Loving this wrapping paper combo from Look Sharp Store for our baby girl who turns 2 on Monday.
6. Watched Magic in the Moonlight last night. Loved it! Very easy to watch period drama.
7. Riding Clydesdales in Devonport
8. I love collecting sea glass at the beach. I was just commenting to my husband that I've never found a blue piece and the clever thing found not one but two pieces at Devonport beach this morning as well as an old piece of broken china.
9. Outstanding day Auckland! Best summer weather I can remember in years.

10. Took my biggest little love on a date to see Paddington this afternoon. It was gorgeous. So magical. It was a little old for a 4 year old but we totally loved it.
11. Party colour palette for Maisie's 2nd birthday party.
12. All ready for the birthday girl.
13. Birthday girl tickles at Auckland Zoo.
14. Loving my new first aid tin from the Storage Box. Off to organize our medicine cupboard while the birthday girl naps.
15. Tidy! Phew! Better capture it. It'll be toast by 7.30am.
16. Fantastic start to this sunny morning - fresh pineapple, nectarine, raspberries & banana, homegrown kale, chia seeds, LSA and coconut water.
17. Craft supplies for tonight.
18. It's wonderful having a husband who used to be a builder. I mentioned that I'd love a flower garden beside our girls Wendy house so he just knocked one up for me this morning and from macrocarpa no less! We've just finished planting cosmos, dahlias and verbena. Looking forward to seeing it flourish.

19. Yonanas for dessert tonight. Banana and Lindt Mint Intense Dark Chocolate.  Sensational combo. These machines are fantastic!
20. Water safety instructions before heading out for a paddleboard.
21. Dinner at my husbands family farm tonight. Someone was very excited to collect the "lavender eggs" after dinner.
22. 16 "lavender eggs" and 2 brown eggs - plus beans, zucchini and cherries to take home with us.  Love farm fresh.
23. Another fabulous morning. Another delicious smoothie. Fresh banana, pineapple, nectarine, strawberries, raspberries, LSA and coconut water.
24. I know it's not my birthday gift but I couldn't be happier with the present Maisie was given last night - floral stacking suitcases and Rice tableware. Love!
25. Our personalized family calendar from Tiny Me just arrived in the mail. These calendars are the best! I've purchased a different design every year for the past 5 years. This year I ordered "Sprinkles" in colour "Sweet". They are A3 size so there is plenty of room for all those busy family commitments. Can't recommend them enough.
26. And so the collection begins. The girls simply adore these pint size Sonny Angel babies.
27. Love that this finally fits. Dress by Wish Flower Designs in one of my favourite prints - "Balloons" by Sarah Jane Studios.

28. I love all the back to school stationery in the stores at the moment. How cute are these Flamingo pens and pencils from Whitcoulls?
29. My parents came for dinner last night and bought my old Brownie sash, bag and handbooks with them.
30. I love Enid Blyton stories so was really interested to watch this portrayal of her life last night (while ironing as usual!) She was surprisingly and vastly different from her public image. A fascinating watch.
31. January Little Housewife Custom Party Hat Giveaway for a February birthday.
32. This is my year to get things done. By staying focused (I tend to get side tracked!) I am getting so many small tasks complete. Yesterday I finally sat down to repair a whole lot of dress ups, I stained the back gate and I stuck floor to ceiling ice cream decals on a small panel of wall in Maisie's room.
33. Besties at the beach.
34. I just happened to stumble across a 50% off fabric sale on the way home from the beach. Custom party hat anyone?
35. Thank you so much Mousehouse for the special delivery. Maddie adores it! She has tuned it to a Chinese radio station and is happily listening away as she colours in. Thank you xxx
36. I have a colour dilemma! One of my goals this year is get the girls bedrooms finished which includes replacing Maddie's white wooden bed with the @freedom_nz Peyton bed frame. My dilemma is which colour to choose. I love them all but I think I have narrowed it down to the white or the aqua. But is the white too safe? Is the aqua to bold? Will I regret buying the white and not getting something bolder? Will I regret buying the aqua and not getting something more neutral? I'm very fickle you see! Decisions decisions! Which colour would you choose?

37. I've seen Turkish Towels mentioned as "the must have beach accessory" all summer so I was really excited to receive these two Hammamas Turkish Towels to try out. Can't wait to put them through their paces over the next (and last) week of our holidays and let you know all about them.
38. Any advice on buying an overlocker/serger? It's going to be my birthday present from my husband and am not sure what I should be looking for. The Brother 3034D looks and sounds good from the online reviews I've read but any advice/tips/pointers would be so appreciated.
39. Very excited that Flora and the Flamingo finally arrived in the mail. Such beautiful illustrations! Plus it's a wordless book so it should make for interesting bedtime reading!
40. Night Swimming.
41. Thank you for the "what I'm doing now" tag @boozleandpopcorn. When I first got your tag I was shopping online very late at night for pineapple fabric which wasn't a very interesting photo. But right now I'm prepping for my Mums 70th birthday party we're hosting tomorrow afternoon. The Pink Velvet Layer cake has just come out of the oven and the Raspberry Semi Freedo has just gone in the freezer (made using the Fresh As freeze dried raspberry powder and whole raspberries I received from Fresh As before Christmas) Yum!
42. Pink Velvet Layer Cake with Lindt shavings. A very special birthday cake for my very special Mumma - truly the best woman I know.
43. Strawberry picking again this morning. No filter - it really was that golden, warm and sunny. And the berries were the sweetest I have tasted all season.
44. Oh how I LOVE Dahlias. I picked these from my garden for my Mums birthday party this afternoon.
45. I finished sewing some double sided bunting flags to hang around my girls Wendy house in the weekend. They were so easy and totally work taking a little bit of extra time and effort to make them reversible. Easy tutorial coming soon.

46. Our Wendy House with the bunting flags I sewed this weekend.
47. Preparations underway for Maisie's 2nd birthday party. It's all starting to come together nicely.
48. Cute playhouses at a new nearby playground.
49. Kmart does it again! Check out these amazing shelves. Only $14 each!
50. If you have a child with nut allergies then here is a really sweet story all about Hay the Hipster and her pink flamingo friend who are on a quest to find out whether a donut is a nut. Cute huh! It's a magical story which addresses children taking some responsibility for their food allergies and checking what's in their food. I think it's gorgeous and such a great idea.
51. I've been busy working on a step-by-step double sided bunting flag tutorial. If you enjoy sewing or want to give it a go then let me know what you think of my instructions. I hope they make sense! If sewing isn't your thing, we're happy to custom make one for you. Contact me for more info. Enjoy x
52. First day back at Kindergarten for my big girl so I only have to share my green smoothie with one instead of two today.  Today I used fresh sugar pear, apricot & strawberries, home grown kale & parsley, frozen banana, LSA and coconut water. The frozen banana makes the smoothie ultra cold (think ice cream headaches!) and thick like a slushie. Delicious!
53. Our little Boo is growing fast! Better start wearing some more of her beautiful clothes before she grows out of them! Today she's rocking Rock Your BabyBoozle and Popcorn and Livie & Luca
54. Something a bit different today - fresh pomegranate and plum! Plus the usuals - fresh strawberries, frozen banana, homegrown kale, LSA and coconut water. Very nice!

55. Little ole blue eyes enjoying her green smoothie this morning.
57. Playing with my old Fisher Price toys.
58. If you're having a quiet night in this evening and are looking for something good to watch, I can highly highly recommend The Book Thief. It's outstanding!
59. Oooooo... Looked what I spied at the petrol station - Pineapple M&Ms. Up until last week these were only available in Australia and I saw a packet of these sell for over $100 on Trade Me!  Don't worry they're widely available now for only $3!
60. Healthy homemade burritos with brown rice, quinoa and black beans. Insanely delicious!
61. How sweet are these lunch box notes I picked up from Kikki-K over the weekend.
62. I'm planning Maisie's birthday party table out this morning. How stinking cute are these pineapple and flamingo lollipops!!!
63. A Little Housewife Custom Party Hat going out to a wee man turning 1 - as requested by his dinosaur loving Aunty and Uncle.

64. One of my absolute favourite new children's books - Uni the Unicorn. I sense a 5th birthday party theme.
65. I finally succumbed and purchased the giant ice cream.
66. How cool is this beer bottle of Lucky Buddha Beer.
67. You can never have too many notepads! Loving this rainbow raindrop mini clipboard set from Kmart. Only $4!
68. New Zealand Downton Abbey Fans - the 2014 Christmas special airs at 8.30 tonight on Prime!
70. Another Little Housewife Party Hat going out today for a wee man turning 5 who is mad about superheroes.
71. My poor big girl isn't having a very good day - We "exchanged words" over her clothes and hair this morning and then I left her at Kindy in a flood of tears after she had an argument with a wee friend over a pink pony. It's not like her to be so upset and it broke my heart to see so I think some one-on-one time with Mumma is needed this afternoon. I'm sure some little treats and new watermelon hair clips will go a long way too.
72. Party time at Jump - what an awesome venue for a kids birthday!

73. I spent two blissful hours (all by myself!!!) at the Dahlia Haven open day. These are some of the tubers I purchased for July delivery.
74. This was one of my favourites - white pom pom Dahlias.
75. And this one - Ruthie G Dahlias.

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