January 21, 2015

How to sew Double Sided Bunting Flags

I picked up some beautiful new fabrics in the Spotlight 40% off fabric sale just after Christmas and set to work over the holidays on a long awaited project - Bunting Flags for our girls Wendy House.  I wanted to make double sided flags so you'd always be seeing colour no matter which way the breeze blew them.  They were so quick and easy to make so I thought I'd share a step-by-step tutorial in case you'd like to make some yourself.

You'll need:
A selection of fabrics
A length of bias binding (length determined by your project)
Blunt kebab skewer or similar
Sewing Machine

First you need to make a template for cutting out your flags.  You can make any shape you like.  Half circles look really cute.  Or rectangles with a triangle cut out at the bottom looks gorgeous too.  I wanted large triangles for this particular project.  My triangle measures 7.5cm wide by 21.5cm long.  Whatever size and shape you choose remember to allow approx. 0.5cm all the way around for the seam.

Fold your fabric in half (or use two different fabrics) and pin your template to both pieces of fabric.

Cut around your template and you'll have two triangles to make one bunting flag.  I like to iron them at this point too.

Place the two right sides of the fabric together and pin - so the underside of the fabric is facing out on both sides.

Straight stitch the two long sides of the triangle.  Don't forget to do a wee back stitch as the beginning and end.

Snip the end/tip off the triangle.

Turn the flag out the right way.  Use something small and blunt to push the tip right through.  I used the end of a kebab skewer.  Iron the flag flat.

I suggest making all of the flags you need before progressing with the next step.

Pin the top of the bunting flag in to the bias binding.  Be careful to check that you've got the flag pinned in to the bias both front and back.

When you have all of your flags pinned in place, straight stitch all the way along the binding.

And there you have it.  A beautifully finished double sided bunting.

If sewing isn't your thing, we can always custom make a bunting for you.  Simply contact me for more info x

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  1. thank you for posting this. I have been meaning to make some for the spare room. it is a nice touch on the playhouse.