February 11, 2015

Fruity Pineapple Flamingo Party

The first weekend of February we celebrated our little Maisie Boo's 2nd birthday.  Her actual birthday is at the very beginning of January but since a lot of people are away around that time we put the party off for a few weeks.

She's still too little to choose her own theme so I did it for her - Yes!  It's probably the last time I'll ever get to do that!  She loves fruit and "pingos" (flamingos) and I wanted to do something bright and sunny to match her happy disposition so Fruity Flamingos it was.

My first rule of kids party planning has always been "find the right invitation and the rest will all come together".  I found these gorgeous pineapple invitations at Moore Creative which they personalised and emailed to me and I had them printed locally.  They also have really cute flamingo and watermelon ones too if anyone else is thinking of a similar theme.

I love using these polka dot paper bags from our local $2 Store.  They make excellent envelopes.  I made some little name labels for the front by reducing down the size of the invitation.  The cute flamingo pen from Whitcoulls is designed by one of my favourite New Zealand artists Greg Straight.

And I sealed each envelope with some heart washi tape from a local Japanese store.  Cute Pineapple Sonny Angel available from Baby Eden.

So this was what formed the basis of the concept for the party.

That, and these adorable lollipops from Oriental Trading!

The party itself was actually really small as Maisie doesn't really have any friends as yet.  That's sounds very sad doesn't it - but she's just started crèche two mornings a week so I'm sure that will improve soon ;-) Big sister Maddie however has little three friends who each have a little sister close in age to Maisie who she often gets to play with so we invited all six little girls (and their parents) for a fruity flamingo morning tea party.

We served very traditional, homemade, no fuss party food - lolly slice (my specialty), marshmallow kebobs, fruit cups, vanilla cupcakes and iced cookies.

I got these really cute heart shaped spoons from Look Sharp Store to go with some jelly but forgot to serve it!  We'll be eating jelly for weeks!

I found these cute yellow chevron party plates and polka dot napkins in the party section at Kmart for only $3 each.  Bargain!

I purchased these really cute pineapple cups from Oriental Trading for the kids to drink from and the flamingo straws were from our local $2 Store.

We had the choice of water or we were really lucky to have phd sponsor us with their amazing Gold Glow juice which is sensational combo of pineapple, apple and mint.  So delicious and refreshing.  Thank you so much phd!

The birthday cake was a simple chocolate layer cake which I covered with white fondant and ombre yellow circles.  I wanted to do something really simple and this design reminded me a little of a pineapple too.  I was really happy with how it turned out.  I snuck our little pineapple Sonny Angel on top at the last minute.  The cake is perched on a wooden Double Bubble crate by Dustys & Lulu from Pop Roc Parties.

The table décor was mainly set up with things I had pulled from around our house.  I already had the Moroccan trellis aqua tablecloth.  The rainbow polka dot fabric on the wall was on sale for only $6 a metre at Spotlight after Christmas.  The honeycomb balls and pineapples were $3 each from Look Sharp Store.  I shouldn't point it out but see the yellow honeycomb ball on the right?  It's fallen down and is resting on the flamingos head and is ready to tip over at any time!  Thankfully it waited until the last half hour of the party when I found the flamingo smushed head first in to a cupcake :)

The gorgeous flamingo print by Miss Jessica Leigh was a birthday present to Maisie from my sister.  Must get that framed and hung!  We already had the yellow pineapple which is from Kmart.

I made Maisie a flamingo party hat which I think is my favourite party hat yet!

The awesome pineapple print is from LoCo Design who happens to be a lovely friend I went to school with.  Again, unframed and unhung.  This one is for the gallery wall in our living room that I'm working on.  Watch this space :) The flamingos were on sale from Living & Giving.  My clever husband knocked together the bases they are standing in.  The white pineapple is also from Kmart.

And I made a burlap banner to hang on our front gate.

For party favours we gave each of kids a pair of pineapple sunglasses and a flamingo lollipop.  Love those flamingo pops!

I can't believe how fast our little Boo has grown in just a year.  In my mind we should only be celebrating her first birthday, not her second!  She's still the happiest, friendliest little thing around and we all adore our little Gus Gus.  Happiest of 2nd Birthdays and much love to our little Maisie Boo xxx


  1. Love your party! I am going to dig into your blog as soon as I can and check out all your parties! We are party-kindred spirits I think!
    (I've added you to my kiwi bloggers blogroll as well) xx

  2. so much color. You throw the best parties!

  3. How I love visiting your blog and looking at your parties! Gosh they are things of beauty and joy! Happy Birthday to your little one and what a gorgeous party!

  4. Hi there! This party looks awesome! Love the theme. I noticed that you purchased some of your party supplies from Oriental Trading. Is that NZ based? If not, was there taxes and shipping fees you paid? I'm from NZ and I want to buy party supplies from Oriental Trading. Please help. Thanks.

    1. Hi there. Thanks for your lovely comments. This party was a while ago now so I can't quite remember how I had them shipped here but there were no duties or taxes as the value of the parcel was well below the $250 threshold. I now have a US postal address through NZ Post You Shop so if I were ordering the supplies now I would have it shipped to that address and then forwarded to me in NZ. I hope that helps but let me know if you have any more questions x

  5. Thanks so much for your reply. This helped me a lot. I'm excited and looking forward to a flamingo luau party this year. Cheers!

  6. Hiya, gorgeos ideas! I love those flamingo pops, could you please tell me where you got them from? Tanks, Rachel

    1. Hi there. I got them from Oriental Trading. Here's the link http://www.orientaltrading.com/flamingo-swirl-lollipops-a2-34_1643.fltr?keyword=Flamingo%20Lollipops&directSearch=true x