March 10, 2015

Valentines Day 2015

Valentine's Day fell on a very busy Saturday for us this year.  We almost didn't have time to celebrate at all but I managed to set up a little afternoon tea of treats for the girls to enjoy after Maisie's afternoon nap.
  I'll apologise for the terrible photos now - it was a beautiful day and there was sun pouring in every window making the photos pretty glarey.

I grabbed what I had on hand from around the house to set up this wee table in the girls playroom.  Love those "Drink Me" glass bottles.  They remind me of Alice in Wonderland.

I really quickly whipped up the heart shaped chocolate brownies the night before using Jo Seagars American Brownie recipe.  It's too easy!  I baked the heart cookies earlier in the week plus there were watermelon hearts and marshmallow hearts both served in pink baking cups.

The little gift cards are original, unused Valentine's from the 1950's.  Love these!

On the back of the girls chairs I tied the chair backers I used last year.

We gave each of the girls a love themed book (which are both sequels to the books they got last year) plus a little Valentine's Day mini Lalaloopsy Valentines doll each.

And Lalaloopsy Queenie Red Heart for Maddie.

And Lalaloopsy Valentina Hugs N Kissed for Maisie.

Earlier in the week I sewed this LOVE banner to hang for decoration.  I had seen something similar on Etsy but it was so expensive so I decided to make my own from some scraps.  I made it up as I went along and I am so thrilled with how it's turned out.  I still haven't taken it down :)

Finally, the day before Valentine's Day Maddie these little treats to a few of her little Kindy friends.  I ordered them online from Oriental Trading when I was getting a few supplies for Maisie's Fruity Flamingo Party.  I loved these conversation hearts when I will little!

I think the covers everything and sums up our little Valentine's Day celebrations for this year.  I hope you enjoyed celebrating with your loved ones too xxx

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