April 13, 2015

Lalaloopsy Tinies

Congratulations to Siobhan Daley and Alice Arndell who were the winners of our Facebook and Instagram giveaways.  Well done ladies!  Check back soon as we have more fabulous Lalaloopsy giveaways coming up xxx

My girls are big Lalaloopsy fans and I have to admit that I love them too.  If you're not familiar with the brand, the Lalaloopsys were once rag dolls that magically came to life when their very last stich was sewn.  Each dolls personality is shaped by the fabric that was used to make them - Crumbs Sugar Cookie was made from a bakers apron, Spot Splatter Splash was made from a painters overalls, Pillow Featherbed was made from a babies blanket... you get the idea - there are well over 100 of them!  They are very sweet, gentle characters who champion friendship, creativity and everything nice.  So we were all very excited when we were asked to be brand ambassadors for Lalaloopsy!!!

The first range we've been asked to product test and review are the new Lalaloopsy Tinies.  It's hard to think that the Lalaloopsys could get much smaller than the mini dolls but the range now includes these teeny wee dolls which stand around 2cm tall.

My girls love little toys.  It seems the smaller they are, the cuter they think they are.  The Lalaloopsy Tinies are no exception!

The Lalaloopsy Tinies range includes a three pack of tinies (RRP$9.99), a ten pack of tinies including a surprise character (RRP$26.99) and a tinies house (RRP$29.99).

While little 2 year old Maisie loved playing with them, it was nearly 5 year old Madeline who really adored them.  She had a ball studying each of the dolls and setting up "parties and picnics" in each of the houses.

This set up was a "long dress party" for all the Lalaloopsy Tinies who had long dresses that reached the ground.

And this was a Lalaloopsy Tinies birthday party!

(Note:  Lalaloopsy dolls are recommended for ages 4 to 104. 2 year old Maisie is past putting things in her mouth but if you do have a child that still does this then I recommend supervision whilst playing.  These dolls are really small!)

The detailing inside each of the Tinies houses is very sweet.  Little curtains, tables, rugs and cookie jars are all moulded in to the plastic.

And there is a cute little button on the back of each of the houses so you can close and lock the houses up while storing the tiny dolls inside.  They remind me so much of old Polly Pockets and Charmkins I had when I was little - wwwaaayyy back in the 80's!  The Tinies Houses are the ideal size and set up for travel.  I wish we'd had these when we drove to Whangamata a few weeks ago!

The other neat thing I noticed about the Lalaloopsy Tinies is that they have a small hole drilled right through them which makes them ideal for making jewellery with.

You could either string all whole heap of them along a length of ribbon or elastic.  Or we decided to get out our snap beads.  I looped and knotted a small length of ribbon through the hole to make a loop so we could hang them from our snap bead necklaces.  It worked a treat and they turned out "sew" cute!

Consensus from the girls is that the Lalaloopsy Tinies are absolutely adorable!  They love these teeny versions of their favourite ragdolls.

We are so excited to have two sets of Lalaloopsy Tinies to give away to two lucky readers!  We're giving away one over on Facebook and one over on Instagram.  Both prizes include a Lalaloopsy Tinies House, a Lalaloopsy Tinies 10 pack and a Lalaloopsy Tinies 3 pack valued at $70.00 each.

To enter our Facebook giveaway to win the Jewel Sparkles prize package you need head over to our Facebook page and:
1. COMMENT on the original Facebook giveaway post with your/your childs favourite Lalaloopsy character
2. TAG a friend on the original Facebook giveaway post who you think would like to win this prize too
You don't have to share our post but we'd love you if you did.  Don't forget to "like" our Facebook page so you can see if you are the lucky winner.

To enter our Instagram giveaway to win the Rosie Bumps N Bruises prize package you need to head over to our Instagram page and:
3. REGRAM the Lalaloopsy competition post including the tag @littlehousewifelimited and hashtag #littlehousewifelalaloopsygiveaway.

Feel free to enter both giveaways.  Winners will be drawn at 8.00pm on Friday 17 April.  Giveaway open to New Zealand addresses only.  (Sorry international readers!).  Good luck x

For Lalaloopsy stockist information contact the friendly people at Planet Fun.

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