April 12, 2015

Easy Lunch Salads

We eat beetroot, in one form or another, several times a week so I gladly accepted the opportunity to try out LeaderBrands new gourmet Ready to Serve Beetroot.

Several times a week I'll make a salad for lunch, often made up of leftovers from our barbeque the night before.  I find that beetroot makes an easy, filling and healthy addition to the salads so I thought I would share two of my favourite lunch time salad combinations with you.  All of the ingredients are listed below.  Simply throw everything together in a bowl and eat up.

Eye Fillet and Beetroot Salad
1 small piece of eye fillet (I barbecue extra the night before
3-4 beetroot, quartered
Handful of stemmed broccoli (or leftover Little Housewife Broccoli Salad)
1/2 fresh steamed corn cob
Salt and pepper to season

Salmon and Beetroot Salad
1x 25gm packet Regal Salmon slices
3-4 beetroot, quartered
1/2 fresh steamed corn cob
Feta cheese
Lemon juice
Salt and pepper to taste

LeaderBrand Gourmet Ready to Eat Beetroot is available in 100% grown, harvested and cooked in New Zealand, and is available in 250gm vacuum sealed bags from supermarkets nationwide.

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