May 5, 2015

Share your ultimate mum hack and WIN with the LEGO DUPLO Mum Hack giveaway

Lego Duplo - My Ultimate Mum Hack
I’m a pretty busy lady.  But I’m a pretty organized one too so while my days are full, they flow pretty smoothly most of the time.  However, the most chaotic time of my day is hands down between 4.00pm and 5.00pm when my two littles are tired and hungry.  It’s about this time that they both decide it’s a good time to stand RIGHT BEHIND ME in the kitchen while I’m trying to prepare dinner.  It would be easy for me to turn on the TV as a mindless distraction to keep them out from under my feet but really, there are a whole range of other screen free activities that they will become equally absorbed in – it’s all about getting a little creative!  Lego Duplo is my ultimate Mum Hack and is ideal for buying me time to get dinner cooked.

Here are two of my favourite creative ways to use Lego Duplo which keep my girls entertained and buy me some time during the busiest part of my day:

A little bit of advance preparation and this task not only entertains my girls but also buys me a little quiet time too while they're concentrating.  Win Win!  I made up some simple pattern cards to help teach matching colours and shapes. Start with a simple pattern with one shape and just a couple of colours and set out the bricks necessary to complete the task - just like in the photo below.  Slowly increase the number of shapes and colours on the pattern cards, and then begin to add in additional DUPLO bricks so they need to hunt out the bricks to complete the pattern card.


An advanced variation of this is creating a clustered pattern of bricks and then getting them to make a symmetrical copy. The designs can be as simple or complex as you like.  The girls have started to create patterns for each other which is so great and keeps the game going on a little longer (which buys me a little more time too!)

Mini Golf
My girls love this one but there is nothing quiet about it!  First up they spend some time building some archways using Lego Duplo then using a small ball and plastic golf club (or try building your own golf club from Lego Duplo) watch the kids have heaps of fun trying to hit the ball through the archways.  As they start to get good at this, progressively make the archways smaller and smaller.

When the weather is fine its a fabulous way to encourage the kids outside too.  I love that Lego Duplo is strong and sturdy enough to withstand outdoor play but the best part about Lego Duplo Mini Golf is that the game can be quickly dismantled at the end and scooped back up in to the Duplo basket.  A game that keeps the girls entertained AND is easy for them to clean up at the end is a win in my book!

IMG_0894 - Copy
So there you have it!  Two simple activities which keep my littles entertained and out from under my feet, are easy for them to clean up themselves and advance our Lego Duplo from creative building bricks to educational, time freeing mum hacks.

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