May 12, 2015

Teacher Appreciation Gifts and Leaving Gifts

Madeline recently turned 5 years old and we said goodbye to our beloved Kindergarten and the amazing teachers there.  I've loved every moment of being involved with our wonderful local Kindy however the sadness of saying goodbye was eased by the fact that we'll be back there in November when it's Maisie's turn to start.   I love to acknowledge the teachers (and sometimes all of the kids) for the wonderful, nurturing environment they create and all of the hard work they do.  Here are four of my favourite thank you/leaving gifts that I've made in the last couple of years:

For the Teachers:
Personalised Mason Jars and Smoothie Vouchers
I love smoothies and we have an abundance of new smoothie and yoghurt stores opening up in the East Coast Bays at the moment so I thought a gift voucher to the new Yoghurt Story would make a nice thank you gift for each of Maddie's Kindy Teachers.  I purchased a bulk lot of mason jars and pastel coloured lids from Typo at the end of last year and thought these would make neat packaging for the smoothie voucher.  I added a custom cut vinyl label and a thank you tag.

I made the thank you tag by drawing a huge heart with a string on the concrete in our backyard then got Maddie to lay down next to it and I snapped some shots standing above her on a chair.  Then added the beautiful quote "It takes a big heart to help shape small minds".  So, so true!

Coffee Vouchers
This was an idea I saw on Pinterest - "Thanks a latte for all you do".   I thought it was really clever and the free printable from Skip to my Lou was perfect!  You could get a voucher from any coffee shop or café but as the printable was in Starbucks colours and we have one local to us so that was where I went.  I taped a cardboard cup holder to the front of each card to slot the voucher in.

For the Kids:
Sidewalk Chalk
There are some kids at Kindy with very severe allergies so food was not an option for all Maddie's little Kindy friends leaving gift.  Instead I bagged up small resealable bags from our local $2 Store with two sticks of Sidewalk Chalk which I bought at Kmart.  So cheap and easy!

I made some wee gift labels to attach at the top of each bag that said "Thanks for making Kindy so colourful and chalk full of fun.  Love, Maddie xxx".  You can download this label (with a blank space for the name) below.

Crocodile Lollies
This has been repinned a crazy number of times on Pinterest!  I made this little treat for all of Maddie's creche friends when she moved on to Kindergarten.  A little resealable bag from our local $2 Store (I love these bags!!!) with four little gummy crocodile lollies from Crazy Candies. I made a wee gift label that said "See you later Alligator, I'm off to Kindy.  Love, Madeline xxx".  Sweet, simple, cheap and effective :)

I've got some other great ideas up my sleeve for future teacher gifts so watch this space.  Have you given any of your kids teachers thank you gifts that have been really well received?  Or if you're a teacher, what thank you gifts have you been given that you've just loved? x


  1. And so our leaving gift for the wonderful Kindy teachers wasn't as amazing as yours. But a box of baking and a bottle of wine had them smiling beyond belief. Helps our children are December babies and they had the holidays to enjoy!

  2. That's lovely Nicky! I bet they totally loved it and probably cracked the wine as soon as they shut the door for the last day of term ;-) I'd be smiling beyond belief too if someone gave me a bottle of wine ;-) Gorgeous idea x

  3. Love this idea Penny..... I did a cliché thing , ( thinking I was so wonderful ... pfft ), I gave each teacher a box ov Favourites choclates, with the card, your all my "favourite teachers".

    Iv never been taught nor shown how to print off beautiful printables like you do Penny. Is there somewhere you could recommend someone like me to go to learn how?