June 23, 2015

Kids Lunchboxes

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For the longest time I'd been on the search for the perfect, all purpose lunchbox for my girls.  I developed a bit of an obsession with them.  It needed to be big enough to fit everything in (but not too big), sturdy, secure, easy to open and close, leak proof, easy to wash and of course, pretty.  Three years and over 10 different lunchboxes later, I've come to the decision that there is no "perfect" lunchbox but there is a lunchbox for every situation.  It's just about finding the right one to suit your needs.  Here are some of my favourites and when I've found them most useful.


The organiser in me instantly loved these bento style lunchboxes.  Everything partitioned off in individual compartments.  Love it!  Yumbox is also one of the only leakproof lunchbox ranges on the market.  This is fabulous for several reasons - a lot of schools (in Auckland anyway) have a no lunch rubbish policy.  That means no Gladwrap and no yoghurt pottles as they cant be resealed if the kids don't finish it.  Yumbox gets around both of these issues with it's innovative, grooved silicone pad inside the lid - it seals each compartment individually so food stays fresher for longer doing away with the need for Gladwrap and it ensures each compartment is leakproof meaning you can easily fill one compartment with yoghurt with the confidence that it won't spill through the rest of the lunchbox or through your child's school bag.  So awesome!  As well as being leakproof, they are also BPA and Phthalates free too.

There are two designs in the Yumbox range - The Original ($44.90 from Bubbalooz) which has five 1/2 cup compartments plus a wee dipping well.

And The Panino ($44.90 from Bubbalooz) which has one 2 cup compartment, two 1/2 cup compartments and a dipping well.

I found the Yumbox best for when my girls are at Crèche or Kindergarten for either morning tea or lunch but not both.  The Yumbox Original is perfect for a morning tea selection for Maisie when she goes to crèche but doesn't stay for lunch.  The Yumbox Panino was perfect for when Maddie stayed at Kindergarten for lunch but morning tea was provided by Kindy.  If I was sending the Yumbox along to school for both morning tea and lunch then I would send morning tea along in a separate container.  Whilst the Yumbox compartments are supposed to be the ideal portion control, in my opinion the Yumbox doesn't hold enough food for both meals.  Here are some serving ideas from Eats Amazing to give you a better idea of the original and Panini Yumbox capacity when full.

If you did want to send along another smaller container for morning tea then I recommend these rectangle keepers from Rice.  They are so versatile.  My favourites!

I love that the lid of the Yumbox is attached as I find with smaller kids these things can go missing - well with my kids anyway :)  Yumbox are a compact design so they fit easily in to any school bag without taking up too much room.  They are however quite shallow so you can't pop in any whole fruit (apples, bananas etc) which is a bit of a pain.  Other products such as Collective Yoghurt Suckie Spouches (which my girls love), or packets foods like Kiwi Garden Yoghurt Drops (another favourite with my girls) or prepackaged chippies etc won't fit in either.  This could be a good or bad thing depending on how you look at it ;-) Also, if you do wish to use one of the compartments for yoghurt, there is nowhere for the spoon.  Taping it to the lid with a wee bit of washi tape would look cute though.

My Final Opinion - I love the Yumbox.  It's great for all ages but it best suited my preschool aged children.  I find the internal capacity ideal for morning tea or lunch but probably not both.  For school aged kids I'd send morning tea along in a separate container.  The lid is attached so there are no lost pieces to worry about.  The leakproof seal inside the lid means the Yumbox meets school no lunch rubbish and no yoghurt policies.  It certainly does away with the need for Gladwrap which is fantastic.  It's compact size means the Yumbox doesn't take up too much school bag space.  And it's easy to wash and dry.

If you like the compartment idea but are looking for a slightly cheaper option, you could always get a tackle box from the Storage Box.  They aren't BPA free, they aren't leakproof and won't last you as long but you will get a feel for a compartment style lunch box and whether it's right for you.

I've found the Goodbyn range to be more of a school or adult sized lunchbox with lots of options.  I sent it along to Kindergarten plenty of times but it always felt way too big for a Kindy lunch.  And I've never sent it to crèche with my 2 year old.  It wasn't until Maddie started school last month that I truly appreciated what the Goodbyn had to offer.  There are two different designs - the Bynto ($21.90 from Bubbalooz) which has three individually-sealing compartments - 2.1 cup, 2 cup, and 1 cup.

And the Hero ($24.90 from Bubbalooz) which has one large compartment, two small compartments and two small individual self sealing containers.

I alternate between the two with no real preference for either design.  They both offer a big user friendly space which I don't feel restricted by in anyway.

Here are some serving ideas to give you a better idea of the Bynto and Hero capacity when full.

There is more than enough space for morning tea and lunch in both Goodbyn designs.  They are deep enough to carry a small apple or banana and can also fit yoghurt pouches and other prepackaged snack food along side sandwiches.  The Goodbyn lunchboxes aren't leakproof between compartments (although they do seal very well) but one of the small containers that comes with the Hero is ideal an ideal spill free container to decant your yoghurt in to.  There is also room for your spoon too!  Goodbyn lunchboxes are also BPA and phthalate free and 100% recyclable.

The lid is totally detachable and the small containers are removable from the Hero so there are parts that can get misplaced.  And I do find the lids can be a little tricky to properly click in to place - particularly the Bynto.  Maddie must struggle with that a bit as well as it often comes home from school with the lid just placed on the lunchbox rather than snapped in to place.

My Final Opinion - The Goodbyn range is a fabulous school aged range of lunchboxes.  They are large enough to accommodate morning tea and lunch including whole pieces of fruit.  There is room for some parts to get lost and they can be a little tricky to click shut properly so I feel they are better suited to older children rather than pre-schoolers.  They keep different foods well separated and are easy to wash.

Another design which I've really enjoyed using is the Tupperware Sandwich Keeper.  Its long slim design make it really easy to slide in to any bag.  Like the Yumbox, I feel that it is probably not large enough to hold both morning tea and lunch but it still holds a fair amount of food.  Not leakproof between compartments but food is well separated and still does away with the need to use of Gladwrap.  It easily holds a sandwich, yoghurt pouch, cupcake or muffin, a serving of fruit (mandarin, berries, grapes but not an apple, banana etc) and another couple of small snacks.  It's easy to clean and with all Tupperware, it lasts for ages!

If compartmental lunchboxes aren't your thing then I can recommend the Rice lunchbox range.  Apart from the bright colours and gorgeous designs, they are pretty much your standard, basic lunchbox.  They're a great depth for fitting fruit and a perfect size to fit everything in.  In keeping with Rices mantra to "colour you happy", you could really brighten things up by adding some of these Rice Mini Food Boxes to help keep foods separate.

As part of our lunchbox review, one of my favourite online stores, Bubbalooz, has given us a $40 gift voucher to giveaway to one lucky reader to purchase either a Yumbox or Goodbyn lunchbox plus a Little Housewife medium sized custom vinyl name label for the top of your new lunchbox.

You can enter two ways:

1. Comment below with which lunchbox you best like the sound of - Yumbox or Goodbyn
2. Head over to the Little Housewife Facebook page, find the original lunchbox review post and comment with which lunchbox you best like the sound of - Yumbox or Goodbyn AND tag a friend who you think might like to enter too.

Do both for two entries!  The winner will be drawn on Tuesday 30 June at 8.00pm and will be announced on this blog post and the Little Housewife Facebook page.

The lovely Jasmine from Bubbalooz is also kindly offering 15% off storewide especially for all Little Housewife readers.  Simply enter the discount code LITTLEHW15 at checkout.  The coupon code will be live until 23 July 2015 so you have a whole month of discounts to enjoy (but cannot be used in conjunction with any other special offer or coupon code).

Good luck x


  1. I am a little bias ... we love our yumbox! (Bought from Bubbalooz!) but my daughter is getting ready for the Panino, depending on what food i send to kindy :)

  2. We have a smaller 2 compartment Goodbyn and it is great for Kindy morning tea.
    I like the look of the bigger Bynto one for Lunches or School.

  3. Thanks for a great post - so much food for thought! I've a twelve year old and an eight year old, and we seem to have gone through so many options over the years. We've used the Tupperware lunchboxes for the last couple of years, and have had a couple of the catches (latches? bit that snaps it closed) break off. Tupperware have replaced the whole bottom of the lunchbox (but never in the matching colour!) Not a big deal unless you're my daughter who likes the matching top and bottom.

  4. we have been using Rubbish free lunchboxes for a couple of years for my 8yo and 10yo. Perfect size for school lunches and holds whole pieces of fruit.http://www.nudefoodmovers.com.au/product/rubbish-free-lunch-box/

    My 2yo also likes a lunchbox made and we are looking at the yumbox for her

  5. Oooh I am in the market for new lunchboxes and I LOVE the sound of the Goodbyn! My kids are all school-aged so need big capacity AND we're a waste-free school so the compartments are perfect.
    I'm heading over to your facebook page right now for another entry.
    Great review!

  6. I have an original Yumbox, but I would love to have a 2015 version as the tray is a bit different. Plus I have another son starting school soon!

  7. I would love to try a Goodbyn lunchbox for my little man. His current lunchbox is hard to clean, has already cracked down the side and it doesn't fit a full sized piece of fruit in it. He is a big eater so I would love to be able to pack a range of items in one box. He is so proud of having his own lunchbox so it would be good to get him a special one!

  8. The yum box sounds exactly what we need in our house. Thank you for the review.

  9. Thanks for the review, I've been looking into lunchboxes for my nearly 2 year old and all the options have been a bit overwhelming. I think the yumbox looks great for us though :)

  10. The Yum box will suit my kiddys lunch with all the selections I give them. They'll love them too with the cute pictures.