July 22, 2015

Easy Wendy House Makeover with 3M Dry Erase Surface

A few years ago my husband built this amazing Wendy House for our girls.  It's an actual, real miniature house with a cavity system, sark ceiling, cedar shingle roof and hand made wooden windows!  He's a seriously clever man!  It's so beautiful and has provided endless hours of fun for our girls and countless other kids.  But we never actually got around to finishing the inside.  The interior is unlined with exposed nogs, studs and building paper.  It's on our "to do list" but other things have always taken priority - like our real house!

Since winter started the girls haven't spent too much time in there.  It's mainly been used for outdoor toy and bike storage.  Its strewn with beach toys, upturned chairs, skipping ropes, an old dial telephone and the girls gardening tools.

So when 3M offered to send us out one of their Dry Erase Surfaces to try out I thought it would be perfect for lining one of the walls of our wendy house and help transform it from winter storage in to a more usable space.

I purchased some cheap corflute from Mitre 10 Mega (which is the same product they use to print real estate sign boards on).  I was going to nail it in to place but I ended up sticking it in place with very heavy duty double sided tape.

I rolled the self adhesive 3M Dry Erase Surface over the top of the corflute and then framed it in 3M red polka dot duct tape.

I cut a custom vinyl name label for across the top to personalise the space.

I hung a blackboard at the other end so it was a multipurpose / mixed media space.

I got the blackboard from Stationery Warehouse and painted the wooden frame aqua and made a wee bunting flag to hang across one corner.  I love sewing bunting!

The whole thing only took an afternoon to put together and I was really looking forward to surprising the girls with this repurposed space.  We recently got rid of a lovely big all-in-one wooden easel from our playroom as the girls never used it.  Miss 5, who is a prolific artist, prefers to draw and craft up at the dining table and Miss 2 prefers to draw on anything and everything expect the easel or at the table (Argh!  Can't take my eyes of that kid for a second!).  So I hoped this would be neat replacement the easel and allow them some more artistic freedom.

They loved it and got stuck in to it straight away!

The 3M Dry Erase Surface comes in two sizes - small which measures 60.9cm x 91.4cm and large which measures 1.21cm x 1.82cm.  You can very easily cut the rolls to size but the large ended up being the perfect size to make a floor to ceiling whiteboard space in our wendy house - perfect for my very tall 5 year old to share with my very short 2 year old.

We all ended up in the wendy house for the afternoon.  My husband traced the girls outlines to they could fill them in with faces and clothes...

I taught Madeline how to play noughts and crosses which she got the hang of quickly and promptly beat me at...

And we ended up with a gorgeous family mural across the whole board.

I'm thrilled how the 3M Dry Erase Surface has easily transformed an unfinished wall in our wendy house in to a fun usable space which can be used all year round.

Before and After 

Before and After

Some other neat spaces that the 3M Dry Erase Surface would be great for in the home are:

- A central family organisational area somewhere like the kitchen.  A central place for a calendar, important dates, reminders and notes, shopping lists, chore charts, potty charts etc that is accessible to the whole family.

- The garage or mud room where the kids hang their school bags up.  It would be great for listing a before and after school check list for the kids and important reminders for things they need to remember to leave the house with.

It would be fabulous in a kindergarten or school environment.  They'd be ideal for small break away groups to work on the walls or tabletops.  Another great feature of the 3M Dry Erase Surface is that they are so easy to remove and place elsewhere when needed which is perfect for the flexible needs of the kindergarten and school environments.

This blog post was sponsored by 3M Post-It.  All ideas and opinions are my own.