July 26, 2015

Lalaloopsy Mini Dolls

The Lalaloopsy Mini Dolls are where the whole Lalaloopsy craze started for our girls.  Our collection (although we didn't realise that's what it was going to be at the time) started with one lone Lalaloopsy Mini Crumbs Sugar Cookie Doll which Madeline chose as a treat from The Warehouse when she was just two years old.  Our girls have added significantly to their collection since then and today there are well over 150 different Lalaloopsy Mini Doll characters in the range with new ones being added several times a year.

The latest Lalaloopsy Mini Dolls to be released in New Zealand hit the shelves just this month.  As with the Lalaloopsy Big Dolls, each doll comes with information on the a date they were sewn on, what they were made from and a pet.  The Lalaloopsy Mini Dolls also come with an accessory or two each as well.

Star Magic Spells - Sewn on 20 July from a wizards hat.  She loves to cast magic spells.  Sometimes she waves her wand at her pet dragon turning her into a frog which her pet dragon doesn't think is all that funny!

Pearly Seafoam - Sewn on 6 May from a pearl.  Her favourite thing to do is search for colourful sea glass to make necklaces for her friends.  Whenever she's lucky enough to find a pearl she hides it away in a secret place.

Furry Grrs-a-lot - Sewn on 27 July from something furry.  She loves to stomp around and practice her really loud grrrrr! sound.  But sometimes she catches herself in the mirror and she scares herself.

Goldie Lux - Sewn on 5 February from gold thread.  She has a heart of gold and she loves fancy dresses.  Anything she touches turns to gold.

My girls agonized over which dolls they were going to choose for themselves.  It involved a lot of sisterly negotiation before they were both happy with their choices.  Maisie chose Furry Grrs-a-lot and Pearly Seafoam.  And Madeline chose (the much coveted) Goldie Lux and Star Magic Spells.

They then went to work introducing the new girls to the rest of the "Loopsy Girls"...

And offering them refreshments once they were settled in...

Pearly Seafoam couldn't make it to afternoon tea - she was having a bath instead...

All of the pets were sent to "pet hospital" - Maddie is really in to playing doctors and pet hospitals at the moment!

I just love the detail on all of the mini dolls and the accessories.  They remind me of a modern version of Sylvanian Families (which is another absolute favourite of ours!) with their attention to detail.

The Lalaloopsy Mini dolls retail for around $9.99 but you can often get them on sale for around $7.00 which I think makes them an affordable gift or treat to give or incentive to work towards.  With over 150 characters, there is one to suit every personality including boy characters too.  But if you or your child is interested in collecting them be warned that the mini dolls are released in groups called "series" and once they're gone, they're gone.  They're up to series 14 now although you may find some dolls from earlier series still around.

We have two Lalaloopsy Mini Doll prizes to giveaway valued at $20 each.  The first is a set of Maisie's Lalaloopsy Mini Dolls (Furry Grrs-a-lot and Pearly Seafoam) and the second is a set of Madeline's Lalaloopsy Mini Dolls (Goldie Lux and Star Magic Spells).  To enter simply head over to our Facebook page, find the original Lalaloopsy Mini Doll post and do both of the following:

COMMENT which doll prize you'd like to win - Madeline's or Maisie's AND
TAG a friend who you think would like to enter too

Easy peezy!  You don't need to share but we'd love you if you did.

For an extra entry, comment below which set of Lalaloopsy Mini Dolls you'd like to win - Madeline's or Maisie's.

Giveaway closes on Friday 31 July at 8.00pm.  Giveaway open to New Zealand addresses only.  Thank you to Planet Fun for this generous giveaway.

Good luck lovelies xxx


  1. I think our daughter, who is asleep, would like Maisie's dolls please

  2. Maisie's please, so so cute :) I would so much love to win a set :)

  3. I'd love Madeline's choice please

  4. How exciting, new Lalaloopsy dolls! We'd love Maisie's selection because apparently my girls covet the Pearly Seafoam mermaid very much.

  5. Would just LOVE to win Maisie lalaoopsies for my wee girl! We have just got a puppy and named her pearly too!! ��

  6. Maisie set looks so cute. My girls would love them.

  7. Rachael McArthur-AndrewJuly 27, 2015 at 7:21 PM

    Maisie's choice please :)

  8. Maisie's please :)

  9. Madeline's would be lovely :)

  10. Madeline's choice for my twins would be awesome :)

  11. Hi there,
    Just came across your post. My daughter also madly collected Lalaloopsy and still wants more. She just loves them and they have provided so many hours of fun.
    I'm wondering if you know of anywhere that still sells them and also if you've ever come across a boy mini. She is obsessed with wanting a boy. Have found a couple on Amazon/eBay but to get it here, I'm looking at $60+ so that's not going to be happening! Lol
    Anyway thanks for the nice read :).
    Glad there's other families out there that like these wee dolls as much as we do here

    1. Hi Melissa. Thank you so much for your email. You're not the first person to message me about finding Lalaloopsy in NZ and Australia. I contacted the distributor a wee while back and unfortunately Lalaloopsy is being phased out world wide. It's still being made in the States for the time being but we won't be seeing it on our shores. I can only suggest checking out Trade Me and eBay. They do come up on Trade Me quite often. I have bought quite a few of them on eBay as we wanted to collect some of the limited edition holiday ones. I never paid more than US$10 and postage (which can vary wildly) was thankfully about the same. I think in the end they converted to around NZ$26. You could always message the seller and ask them to remove them from the packaging to save on postage? Or perhaps a US postal address would be the way to go by buying a few at once and getting them to consolidate your purchase. And, assuming you are in NZ, keep checking all of the random Warehouse's around the place. You never know what might come up. I'm sorry I can't be of more help. Good luck with your search xxx