August 17, 2015

Fathers Day Gift Guide 2015


Fathers Day in New Zealand falls on Sunday 6 September which leaves just three short weeks to think of something for the special Dad in your life - be it your own or if you're buying on behalf of the kids.  If the men in your life are like mine, they generally buy what they need when they need it making them very difficult to purchase for.  However, I'm lucky to be privy to some of the latest and greatest products on the market which I've gathered here for you in case, like me, you needed a little inspiration.

Male grooming is featuring pretty heavily at the moment with an emphasis on products especially formulated for men rather than women's products being relabelled with a "For Men" sticker.  There is a huge range of products to choose from...

Wingman Jetwash Multi-Gel
This is a functional 3-in-1 product that allows men to shower, shampoo and shave all from one bottle.  Why have three different products when one will do?  Wingman's unique formula cleanses like a regular shower gel and shampoo but provides a moisturising surface to deliver a super close shave.  Keep it simple with this quality, no nonsense approach to men's hygiene products.  Note ladies - it smells SO good!  RRP$10.00.  Available from selected pharmacies.
If you happen to have a husband like mine who's recreational activities involve them getting very salty (surfing!) or very muddy (mountain biking!), or if yours likes to go away on boys fishing or camping weekends, then this might be a great product to pop in with their swag.  Pits & Bits (very clever product name!) is a way to wash without water.  Simply apply the Pits and Bits Body Wash directly to your skin, massage to lift any dirt and odours, then remove by thoroughly towel drying.  Too easy!  RRP$6.55.  Available from selected pharmacies.
Le Monde Men's Personal Grooming
I love this range!  Throw back to a time when good grooming wasn't optional but a necessity, and good manners too!  This beautiful men's grooming range from Le Monde includes niceties such as a Buff and Shine Kit (for shoes), a Men Manicure Set and a Shirt Folding Guide.  Prices start from $28.00.
Oral-B PRO5000 Power Toothbrush
Still on grooming but for the techy Dads out there, Oral-B's new high-tech toothbrush is the latest must have gadget.  The Oral-B PRO5000 offers Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, connecting to your smart phone to record brushing activity to optimise your daily routine.  Simply download the Oral-B app on to your smart phone and create your own personal, real-time dental coach.  The wireless SmartGuide assists as you brush, helping to ensure you brush for the dentist-recommended two minutes and guiding you to the four different quadrants of the mouth.  I know this is meant for Dad but this is a brilliant feature for the kids so you know whether they've "really" brushed their teeth and whether they did a good job of it too!  And, the oscillating, rotating and pulsating brush head removes up to 100 per cent more plaque versus a regular manual toothbrush!  That's very impressive!  RRP$299.00 and Brushhead Refills RRP$16.99.  Call 0800 441 058 for stockists.
The last of our male grooming products is a simple, no fuss hair care range.  The Tangler Teezer Men's Compact Groomer is the masculine version of the famous original Tangler Teezer which is so popular with women and children.  This slick matte chrome personal groomer is ideal for detangling, teasing or taming your cut, sideburns or beard.  This personal groomer is compact enough to slip comfortably in to a backpack, gym bag or office drawer for a last minute zhuzh.  Hold your style in place with the chill* ed shaper styling collection to help create texture, definition and shine.  Tangle Teezer Compact Mens Groomer RRP$34.00 and is available from hair salons, pharmacies and department stores.  chill* ed shaper Styling Collection RRP$27.00 and is a salon only product.
Good George Brewing
One of the stand out products at The Food Show was Good George Brewing.  This craft brand is passionate about demystifying and educating their punters about the brewing process and sharing their love of beer and cider.  And they truly have a product range worthy of exploring, discovering and appreciating!  In particular their, cider range is outstanding!  Their award winning Drop Hop Cider, infused with passionfruit and mango is sensational!  But their Doris Plum Cider was on high request for sampling at The Food Show.  Whether your dad prefers craft beer or cider, Good George Brewing is a safe choice!
If your father's tastes lean more towards the grape variety then Allan Scott Family Winemakers are a great choice.  While the weather is still cool, the Allan Scott Marlborough 2013 Pinot Noir, from the Estate Range, will pair perfectly with that roast lamb you have planned for a special fathers day dinner.  RRP$27.00 from or Glengarry Wines.
If the Dad you know likes to look smart and stylish then WitcheryMan's newest additions.  I particularly like the mid-weight, cotton drill Summer Peacoat RRP$279.90
The casual, weekend, Etienne Cardigan RRP$149.90

And the soft suede Field Boot RRP$199.90 
So there you have it - the newest products coming to market just in time for Father's Day.  I hope that's given you some inspiration to choose something really special in time to celebrate your very special Dad x

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